Monday, February 27, 2012

are you {swoon}ing?

This is my third QAL project. I have been liking most of my QAL groups. I work as I go! No dateline and no pressure! No class to go in, but I can always enjoy friends all over the world share the same passionate that I do.  Over the weekend, I was refolding the fabric then arrange more in colors! I hope I am not the only one do so! I pulled out Katie Jump Rope by Denyse Schmidt yesterday and knew it is time to cut them into the {dream. quilt- swoon}. Actually I have a few prints missing! I think I ran into this fabric line at the end of almost sold out timing. Like many of quilters, I missed the first line Flea Market Fancy, but they are about in the stores again. I ordered my here , but they sold out one print already. I might need to look some places else. Katie Jump Rope is my very first modern fabric line that I purchased back in 2008? It was the time when I began looking for bright and modern fabric. I have been saving these for some time now. Yeah.. I know I am a hoarder { in a good way}!

 I put them all in the kona chart and was looking for the solid. I know.. No white, snow white this time. I have many quilts that used white as my sashes and backing. White won't go wrong with any colors, but I am looking for something fun and will pull the prints out more.. something interesting..

I pulled out all the stripes prints and played the colors, but thinking... I might also able to add some solid between prints.

Do you have any good suggestions? I am thinking Kona Ash, but it doesn't look right yet! I will keep playing before I am happy with the color. I though it might be cool if I could make two quilts from the same print, but different color arrangement.


  1. You have me swooning! I love your collection of DS fabrics and am excited to see you cutting into these treasures. I bet they will make the most gorgeous swoon blocks!

    1. I am still searching on the solid fabric. Once I decided it might be a great spring break project! Have you visit the swoon pool on flickr? I keep going back and wondering around!

  2. I bought that pattern last december, but I didnt select the fabrics for it yet...
    love your choices, I think they looks so bright and perfect for a swoon quilt!


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