Monday, February 13, 2012

After the Sunday

I was hoping to make two  F.W. blocks per a week, but the reality is I can't really make two per a week. Each week seems jam with different school works and different situations. Later on, I decided to make maybe 4 per a month instead. I might just need to take one good Sunday afternoon off and make the fabric selection. I am not so pleased with the first photo fabrics. The colors are over vibrate and too much going on on that block. Maybe a bit tone down colors. Do you remember my biggest struggle with small triangles? I decided to use paper piecing for small triangles now therefore I will be skipping the order from the book now. Are you still in love with this project? I am still is in love with this project. It is almost a treat for myself making something that I never done before.



  1. AHHH Just started this project myself! Six blocks to go! :) I'll be checking into see how it goes!!

  2. I hope you enjoy it! This project requires so much time! I tried work on mine when I have the time off and just play with it! I'd love to see yours..


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