Sunday, November 20, 2011

quilters what do you make?

I am a part-time quilter I must confess that here! I have been a lazy  busy part-time quilter ever since our move and change. Oh well, but nothing will ever change is I still buy fabric and still try to make something from something. Lately, I have been trying to use up all my scraps fabric. They have been sitting in the same basket for at least a year? or longer? It's time for them to show and tell!  I used up all the scraps and tried to save as much fabric as possible. They are sizes 3" and 2". There are few more prints to be cut down, but I am holding them up for something else.   I am sure many of you love making quilts or using fabric making bags, outfits, etc. I am a part-time quilter who loves to steal time of making things that make me happy and secretly I feel like a college student having excuses no having time study, but party with my fabric! shhh!

quilters what do you make other than quilts?

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  1. the first think it came to my head when i see those scraps are quilts and... quilted pillows, place mats, quilted bags, mug rugs... but also you can use those tiny squares making patchwork scarves, curtains, pouches, greeting cards, coasters, aprons for you and your little one, etc...

    but please dont forget to show us what you make with those lovely scraps!


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