Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday: in and about

A new Wednesday for me. I was excited this morning and  got up  knowing what my day would be. Took S to school and promised her will go lunch with her at school which I have done so! Pulled out the Christmas stuff box this morning and am waiting to pick up S from school. We are going to decorate our Christmas tree tonight!

Someday when we have our REAL home we'll get fresh pine tree instead! But we love the one we have! I am curious about if the lights are still working!?

I made a big mistake on the cutting measurements! I had to trimmed all the squares down to the right sizes! The process of making this quilt seems a bit longer than it takes.

 Total of 26 blocks are done and yet another 26 to go!

 Nothing like knee down on the floor and mop! ouch as I get older!

 Another 26 blocks: cut and count

Out and about of the day: Found the fabric for the Christmas project. The quilt top was finished about 3 years ago and I am ready to finish it this weekend.

 Another project in mind! I will make a tutorial for this project.

 Found this map today! I am sure someone is learning her world!

Jo-Ann lady gave me more coupon today. I am attempting my first Black Friday this year.  It might sound crazy, but I will still sleep in. I am sure the fabric won't fly out its door by 8a.m. It will take some time to go. It is so warm today! Up in the 50's. I like bitter cold for the holiday season which gives me excuses to stay indoor. My home is lighter clean today I donated 2 large boxes of glassware and clothes to the local thrift store.  It gives me more room for fabric to walk around.

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