Sunday, November 27, 2011

Alphabet Day: A is for

A is for Accomplish! 

This is one of my favorite quilts! It was hand-quilted. The circles were drawn from pots and bowls. I love it! I put the quilt in the wash once before  and the wrinkles make the quilt looks vintage, made in 2008.  It is up on our wall now! It needs a little sunlight! 

Made this scarf last night! It is very long. It is 90" long and 11" wide! It is classical and never go out of style plaid flannel. I made a cowl style for S and she loves it!  I intend to make all my close friends and family scarves this year. I just need more Jo-Ann's 50% off coupon!

Another scarf for me and  made an identical one for my sister. It is summer flannel, so it will be great for her.  Brown is great for any outfit as well!  It is cozy and I am addictive of making them.

These little guys are saying "HELLO". They are my favorite Christmas decorations! I can't tell you how many I have! Aren't they so cute?

Continue the quilt making. This time the measurements are correct and the preparation was organized! Nothing better  than making progress and seeing things coming together.

My swap package with RosaMaria is done! Everything is packed and I hope she will like it! RosaMaria is a very special blog friend of mine! I can't tell you how sweet she has been and how kind she is even though we haven't meet in real life, but she has been a supportive friend! I love her blog and things she makes! Check her blog out!

The stashes are locked of brown, purple, green, and red. more Fabric shopping? 

My SO over due advent calendar. I embroidered it 3 years ago. It is so cute! I kept it in the unfinished pile{s} and never know how should I finish it. The pattern was free on line. I am not able to relocated the name of the pattern. I might contact the lady and hope she would put it up again.  Do you have yours ready?

Finished all the Christmas bags. I will use them to wrap the scarves and some handmade cookies. I am down to three packages to send for Christmas. This year, I am limited myself no to buy anything from the store only two things that I need to get. I have been planning the look of the scarf  for each special friend and family members. I am sure they'll look very simple.  My to do list has crossed off many today. It has been an accomplish day!  Are you having an "A" day?


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  1. oh Chase you are so productive!! I'm seeing all what you did... how you find the time???

    love the solid red squares on the white background and the hand quilting... I must try it!

    your wooden spools are amazing! they must look so great close to your perfectly folded fabric...

    pure eye candy images here... can't wait for my parcel!


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