Monday, November 28, 2011

Are you?

Are you a dreamer? This is what I have in mind for today! I used to be a BIG dreamer! Sometimes, it is annoying when people tell me don't dream too big! Some of my dreams never came true! Most of my dreams that I have to work extra hard to make it happen! Lately, I am dreaming again! This dream has always been living in corner of my dream filed, but I sort of walked away from it. Sometimes, I just have to.  As an adult that I can share my dreams with my sister now! She used to be "the one" who told me don't dream too big! Now, she understands my dreams because we are getting older and closer!

This morning, I woke up with a list of things in mind and tried to get them done! Finished the first part of the sewing and needed some ironing work here. I randomly pick the pieces to create the fun look. They are part of S' secrete Christmas gift. I think as long as I don't mention anything in front of her. She never know what I am up to.

Another bowl full of scraps to play. I am sure I will have another lovely Christmas break! I love the Pyrex bowls. They are our storage bowls, trash bowls, and meal bowls. A friend of mine sent a couple more to me awhile ago. I am sure they never will go out of style in our home.

 Finished my Art class project! Very rough look and it was done intentionally unprofessional way. I hope to pass it!

Lately, I am happy with the photo that I have taken. I learned to adjust the lighting and my camera better. It does take some time to see the different and observe the lighting.  With the short winter daylight it is harder to catch the right amount of the light. The perfect timing has been mid-mornings.
Are you ready for 2012  to come and say goodbye to 2011? ! In 33 days, 2012 is coming! I should have a list of GOALS that I should might  accomplish, such as finish more unfinished quilts and project before start any. What's your goals?

I found these boxes. They are secretly hidden underneath the table. I think they are for someone special. I am not seeing my name on any of these boxes, but I will wait! 


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