Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday: in and about

It is a very quiet in and about today! Just me! Quietly baked this pound cake and quietly ironing the shirts while waiting the cake to be done. The cinnamon smell is still around the kitchen and living room. I craved sweets lately! It will be devour soon, I promise! I am sure more baking will occur once all the craziness is slow down here!

My D.I.Y. quilting frame. I was hoping to spread out at home and work on it, but it is too long! Our limited space just doesn't have more room it! Another trip back to school with hand-full of equipments.

Another part of d.i.y. quilting frame. I am deeply in love with that store, yes IKEA. Have you been to one? If you haven't you MUST go! It is a place that I love!  All the design is simple and affordable, but I don't allow myself go crazy when I visit. I look and "wishes", don't we all do that sometimes? 

A stylish way of making coffee. I can get a fresh cup fresh cups of coffee here at home, just me by myself!  LOVE!

Somewhat I need to go back to the reality! Researching and studying for the final paper! Presentation in a week? I had too much fun on this day, this day, this day, this day, and this day. Now on to the quietness again! Shall we?


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  1. yum!
    I never visited an Ikea shop before... we haven't it in Mexico :(

    love your coffee mug!


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