Friday, November 18, 2011

Wednesday: in and about

Wednesday has been my favorite day of the week! I called it a " my day".  That's the only day that I can be at home and wonder about my "things". Without interruptions { I do love my daughter very much, but sometimes I would like to just by myself}.  My etsy order came two days ago. Valerie  has a very sweet blog and we had very nice conversations. She also sent me a Paris postcard! Thank You, Valerie! Paris! It is one of my dream cities that I knew I will visit someday in the future!

Snow has visited us this week and the temperature keeps very low, so even it was light snowing it hasn't gone anywhere, but here. S has a ornament shop going here! She has gotten many orders so far! She is busy elfing and hoping to make her customers happy.  Little projects here and there! The light is out by 4p.m. getting hard to photography around here!   Have you starting your holiday making? We have started ours slowly!


  1. Love Valerie work too!
    your washi tapes are so lovely!
    pretty little S is doing great business!


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