Saturday, November 26, 2011

The day

Did you go black Friday shopping? I did! I scored more than I needed! On our way to Jo-Ann's I planned 30 minutes in and out! Walked in Jo-Ann's I though, wow! It's busy! I picked up the ONLY shopping cart that has left in front of the shop, but realized there's no space to push through. I saw all the flannels that I was looking were in someone else' cart and quickly realized this is a big game going on here.  Everyone's cart is more than full! I wish I took some photos to show you. Anyway, we waited 2 hours and 40 minutes to get to the cutting table. I quickly sent S to the check out line with a pair of scissors in her hand. While I was still in cutting counter she is in line for me. When I was done with my cutting. We waited another 20 minutes to check out.  With the price of the flannel I though it was the worth of the wait and we chat with people in line as well! We actually shared what we are going to make with all these fabric in the cart. One of the lady in front of us was with her husband and her husband kept tell her you better make the wait worth, so she kept going back to look for more fabric.  Now I am thinking I should have got more! flannels are great for backing and pajama making, baby blankets, etc!

Now, I am looking forward cyber Monday now!


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