Saturday, November 26, 2011


As a child, I never paid attention to the stamps, but my brother is a big collector. I remembered every year when the new limited stamp release he would stood in the line for hours and I know he still does it! That reminded me of Black Friday in U.S.  Watching news and seeing people camp outside the stores, wow! Ever since I came to U.S. I have been saving all the letters and cards that were sent overseas and I tried to save stamps that were posted on the packages. I think it is pretty to look at them over on the package. It is almost like wrapping paper to me.

We received a package today and it is totally a sweet and surprised package! My close friend from Taiwan sent a care package to me and S. It is an early Christmas package and it brings the warmth to us in the bitter cold north!  Tomorrow I shall return with a full story of " my first black Friday". I am sure I will never do that again! Even though I had fun time tho!


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