Saturday, June 29, 2013


 {floor at home}


 {Lucky was smiling}

Yesterday we discovered the planted pots have some sprouts on the wheat and pea. It was really excited to see them, live! S began to document their growth and snap images with camera. She does hope to find some larger containers, so she could finish the rest of seed package from grandpa.

This morning was even better, all four pots have some sprouts. Oh yes, even the corns and unknown seeds. We think the unknown seeds might be the flowers, but we still not so sure! It is still a bit of mystery. 

Mornings are so very fun here! The wake up call continues each day; wiggle tail and paws allover S' hands and faces. Didn't forget the morning kisses as well. We think Lucky thinks that's his job now!  The companion moments of reading time and music time are fun to capture from the lenses that I carry. Surely new moments and memories will be collect as we go. I have decided to update my files and documents on an external hard drive for now, since there are few sites have been not available to search from here.

The really dangerous and crazy events that we've taken were shopping at the stationary stores and local food stands. I found some fun washi tapes and S was wowing the supplies in the store!  We have been thankful for the fresh and seasonal food/fruit all week long. Would you like to see some local food we have?  I would love share some local food stands photos with you as we visit/ try.

S started swimming lesson again. It has been a better take this time! I think her body is much prepared for the water and she has gained some body strength over the year. While she is in lesson, I stay in the waiting room and started some quilt block drawing. It is good to be back to the mind of quilting and feel settle.

Weekending is a little bit busier when everyone is at home. S is busy hanging with cousins and Lucky. I am busy getting the room tidy and some sisterhood chat.  Weekending at {1/4" mark home} is back!



  1. Me and my daughter would love to see photos of all the different foods there. Hope your seedlings grow well!
    Kate and Ruby

  2. Sounds like your life is going well, that is great. Would love to see shot pics of some local foods there. I hope the new sprouted seeds thrive and grow big.


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