Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Random: Sew, my friends

It has been hot and humid days here! We supposed to have some rain beginning of the week, but it didn't happen until tonight. We had thunders and few shower. Aww.. the temperature cool off in a sudden. The double rainbows show up before the rain. The sky was clear and red.

S scurried out to the balcony and quickly called upon her aunt, Fifi to come out and check out the sky.  We were outside and enjoyed the cool temperature and the beauty of double rainbows. Of course, S had to go find Grandma to check out the rainbows as well. She was busy running upstairs and downstairs.  Lucky, the pup was so excited watch his friend running here and there. He followed!

The end of the last week was a bit of disappointed.  I couldn't share with you here because it feels like no disappointments to friends. I quietly waited and hope nothing went wrong. The sewing machine company supposed to have the machine delivered by Friday night, but it didn't. The weekending went by and Monday arrived. After few email corresponding with the seller that she found out the orders from last Wednesday didn't get ship and she has promised the machine will deliver by today.

When the door bell rang at noon. I quickly ran downstairs and was happily welcome my new friend. Yes, she is here! Quickly we opened the box and went through each parts, manual book, and whine the bobbin then give it a go! It is a really simple machine with the basic functions I need. It will not allow to sew a large quilt, but small projects. I. am. so. happy.!

It has been over 6 weeks without a sewing machine. It is like an itch in the back that can never be reached and give it a scrub. It is hard to express the emptiness of not being able to do what I have been doing for last 6 some years. It feels lost in many ways! This part of the move was not expected, but all it takes is time and looking for the new directions and be quiet inside of my heart; just give it time, really!

The very first thing I made was a really simple coaster. I had it in mind for making since the first day we arrived. I brought an almost twin size cotton batting with me, since I don't know if I could find any here. We need more coasters. It is really crazy that we drink lots iced tea here and each time the table is so wet from the cups. 

It feels really satisfy after a quick test drive. Tomorrow will be a visit to local sewing store. I need a different needle number for sewing on batting and hoping to find a large cutting mat for the table. It has been a special day here.. really!

Lucky, the pup also loves to be with books, but he sleeps with them. We laugh, photograph him when found him in S' books, tickle his belly... all the silly things...  S has her new {post} up. She is getting herself back in writing and sharing her observation and ideas.  We just need a little bit cool weather and rain...

Happy Sewing



  1. yeaaaa.. I'm happy for you!! I understand what you feel, feel itching for 6 weeks and now you might sewing like crazy. Chase it's almost 4 of July here - we looking forward for a good weather to see a fire works, hope you will have a good time too.

  2. Oh Chase, glad your machine arrived and hope you'll be feeling like your old creative self in no time. Keep drinking the tea.. anything to help with the heat~

  3. Wonderful news that you have your machine! I love seeing all your fun fabric and bits of patchwork.

  4. Great news! And really lovely new potholder :) Have a great time with your ice tea and new sewing machine :) Jola


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