Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Random: this and that

 { follow the tradition}

 {Writing letter to dear friends}

 { my new fabric space}

 {A bit colors in the room}

 { Lucky, the pup}

 { wake up, S}

 { I think you need to wake up and play with me}

 {She insisted to bring her I {heart} reading books shirt when we packed}

 { New start}

 { Limited fabric stashes}

 { But it works}

{ no room to set the boxes}

Tomorrow, I hope to find a big jar in the market, so I can start making sun-tea and add lots ice in the glass. I totally forgot about brewing sun-tea during the summer season.  We are steady making our transition and settlements here. I'd say 75% of all is in good condition, but it is so very slow. My sister has been a greatest listener for all the concerns I have. I keep breathing slowly to take one step a day. At least for now, all the insurance paperwork and schooling document are done.

It has been an ongoing adjusting process on the new lifestyle, but we are loving families around us. Lucky, the pup is busy everyday. His job after his breakfast is wake up S. The sniffle nose and the little paw on S' arm is super gentle. They always play a little on S' sleeping mat { it needs a new cover}. He waited his friend to wake up and brush up. He waited outside the room and waited his name being call. LUCKY, boy... come here!! Let's GO!  These moments are so sweet and I am sure S is taking these moments in her heart deeply.

It feels so strange looking through my stashes today. The stashes are limited, but I knew they will be just perfectly fine till I return to the bigger stashes. I have wish some of prints that I should have brought with, but I shall be fine! Yes, I miss sewing. S misses my sewing sound that came from our sewing room. We do have a tiny weeny bit of homesick. Each night, before we gone to bed. We share our day. We named three things that we have loved and three things that could have improved. It has been great to listen to her thoughts and heart in an heart to heart talk. Just us!

The play fabric time was great! I will take time to work on the first sewing project. Don't think that I will stop from now! I am on!! 

The southern light is a bit dim.. hope to find the better place for taking photos..



  1. So glad to read your news, Chase! I see some EPP papers in the photos, but did you manage to find a sewing machine on Saturday? Fingers crossed you did so you can show us a wonderful project soon. Of course, your EPP will no doubt be great, too! ♥♥♥

  2. How wonderful to hear that you're getting settled in. And, you're back to sewing, yay! I'm sure you'll make something gorgeous.

  3. You have set yourself up so quickly! X to you all

  4. How wonderful you guys are getting settled... and you are back sewing. I saw on Instagram you got a lovely sewing machine.

  5. Glad to read that you and S are settling in, Chase. So excited to see you have some space for fabric and that you're back to sewing. You must have found a sewing machine?

    Sending happy thoughts and hugs to you both....

  6. It looks lovely where you are. Good to see some fabric out, you must be having withdrawal symptons by now! Hope the rest of your week is really great and that you both continue to settle into your new life and new routine.

  7. Gosh, I love reading your blog. You always inspire me and I think you have such a great relationship with your daughter. She is a lucky girl, not the dog, Lucky!

  8. I just go through your blog and try to found the way how to store my small pieces of fabrics. I think - I will go to Ikea next week and I have to buy some little boxies :) J.


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