Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Random: Slowly...

 { grandma and S}

 {S' new stool}
 {Lucky, the boy}

 { oh dear... Lucky loves his new spot}

The sound of water running into the bucket. The smell of the incenses from upstairs. The sound of gentle paws walking and waiting someone to call his name. The sound of neighbor's washer running and the sigh of mom mopping floors to started her day. This is how the morning started here in our new home,  Taiwan.

It has been some busy days here,  since we arrived! We are adjusting the temperature, which is humid and hot. We are adjusting the new lifestyle, which has involved more two chatty voices. Lucky, the pup has been wigging his tail and waiting to play each morning. He has been playful and happy to have a little big friend to hang out with. Oh dear... It is hard not to let S have all the fun that she has been waiting for.

I have been busy going through the closet, drawers, and things that we have left here in last seven years.  So many S' baby clothes, so many items that have been sitting for years and not being used. The room that I spent my childhood and adolescence has becoming a storage room. Many electrical devices are not working and yes, we just keep them! I asked mom if it is fine to go through the room, she agreed! There are some adjustments between mom and I need to make, but I think we'll ease these conflicts as we go. The motivation of cleaning is very low. I've gone to the traditional acupuncture to get the my sore back fix up and it felt really good.

Our luggage have had opened and gifts have been given. The fabrics are still unfolded and waiting to be sort through and be organized. Can you tell I can't wait, but the room is still a big mess! A few old drawer's pulling tracks are falling off. My brother is helping me to find the parts and hope it will get fix soon, so all our clothes can store in. A trip to IKEA is must.. maybe some paper boxes for the fabrics and sewing tools.

Our first weekending in Taiwan was spent trips to IKEA, Costco, and local stores to getting our sewing/ reading room set up. We purchased a simple folding picnic table, a Billy book case, two stools, and simple paper boxes from IKEA. We plan a simple set up, so when the time comes for us to leave, we won't leave too many things behind. It has been overwhelming on my side getting everything ready.  Finding new music teachers for S has been challenging. We were recommended to a new teacher near by and hope next week the first try out lesson will go well.  S has been doing so well in our new home! She still not sure about the temperature, but she is loving the freshness of the food and seafood.

Families are so excited about us being here! Mom has been cooking and do we not get spoiled? Dad has been getting seasonal fruits for us, do we not love this? Lucky, the pup has been so busy since S saw him at the train station. There are so many jumping, running, tricks show and tell from him to her. Lucky, the pup is a big pup now!  Giggle sounds from S are so sweet and she finally has a real animal friend by her side. It is great to see S takes care of Lucky and be his friend.

Cousins came to hang out with S over the weekending. These girls are so chatty. So many fun and cute questions popped out from them. Those holding hands and watch after each other is something I strongly feel so touched! Cousins are closed to S' age, so there are fun girly talks. Really a blessing time here... The weather is humid and hot;  not what we used to, but all the other events and excitements have taken away the heat. It has been a good start!  

I have asked dad who goes to flea market often to help me to find a sewing machine soon. {fingers are crossed!} I am so itchy to start sewing project, but I knew I have to postpone it for a little longer until everything else settles.  Best of all, we have wifi set up, so I can blog anytime now!!

Hope everything will get settle very soon and of course, I can't wait to start our normal summer days... We are slowly settle in our new home, slowly adjust the lifestyle, slowly used to have more members involved in our life. It is not as simple as I though, but we will make it work. Thanks to our family, give us time to adjust and give us space to breath when we need the S and mama time.

Will have more posts now on.. I haven't get the laptop fix, but hope soon! Tomorrow is Dragon boat festival in Taiwan and will share more soon.. I think you might see two posts a day since the time differences. We are 13 hours ahead of central time in U.S.

Hope I'll start blogging in the morning instead of late night here in Taiwan. 



  1. oh dear Chase, glad to hear you and stella enjoy the days with family. I know its gonna be long day adjustment but everything will be ok and at the end is always happy moment.
    take care guys, cant wait to read next story - I'm still not back blogging yet, still need to helping my hub.around :) but promise will be back soon

  2. I'm happy for you and S for your new life in Taiwan! I can just imagine how excited your family members are to have both of you around!! Good luck with your new sewing room set up ;)

  3. Hi Chase! I'm happy to read this post and see how great the things are there! is amazing be close to the family, right? I can imagine how wonderful must to be for your mom and dad have you both there. enjoy it. let them spoil you.
    and the good thing about the weather is you can use sandals and light clothes all the time!

    bug hugs!

  4. Hi Chase,
    I'm so glad to hear you and S are getting settled in your new home. It is nice to be close to family. Have fun and I'm looking forward to reading more about your adventures in Taiwan.

  5. I am so excited to read about your new adventures! And getting to read 2 posts a day from you will be a treat!

  6. Great to hear that you are settling in well and enjoying Taiwan. No doubt it will take a while to adjust to everything new, but I am sure you will have many happy adventures. Enjoy!

  7. Great, so you are at home and you can start your new adventures!! I´m looking forward to read your new posts! :) Have a great time!! Jola

  8. Thank you for letting us know how you and S are . It will take time to get settled in and find your feet ! It must be so lovely for you to be near family members again .

  9. What a journey! Enjoy your mom and dad spoiling you. I wish I could have met you when you were in Dallas before your long trip.
    Blessings from Amy in Texas


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