Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer 2013: Journey in Japan

 { on skyliner speedy train}

{Arakawa, Tokyo}

 {telephone booth}


The departure flight we took in Dallas to Japan was full. The flight hours was actually shorter than it scheduled. Within 12 hours flight, I took a short nap, watched three movies, then a longer nap. S did so well this time. No air sick and thankfully she slept most of the flight time. I always look forward the meal time, not the food, but the coffee. It feels like a big treat after having not much coffee time for so long. Oh yes, coffee and movie are nice combo if you ask me.  I have wished some homemade cookies or cake to go with.

Landing in Japan is alike going to to a different states, but in a completely different language and culture. This is second time S and I stopped by Japan on our back to Taiwan. We have loved this short pause after the our big moving away from N.D. We rest  in a home stay style suit that I rent. The room is floored in Japanese traditional floor, tatami.  The smell of the dried grass is so nice! We hung our daily towels outside in the baloney to dry. I have missed this part of lifestyle: hang clothes outside and allow the sun takes care of it. We woke up in the middle of the night and wonder around at 6 in the morning... the Eastern and Western differences have just started... Shall I keep going.. allow me...

As my friend suggested,  we took the skyliner speedy train into Tokyo metro area. It is perfect for us with large luggage and exhausted body. It takes 36 minutes to reach Nippori station where we stayed. The train is comfortable and so smooth. On our way into metro area, the sight outside of the train window is so fabulous. The combination of tradition Japanese houses and modern houses,  the farmland and the houses are living together. I am guessing they have been living closely for hundred years.   We spotted some family gardens near by the houses and some elder lady were taking care the crops, how we wish we could walk there and ask for some garden fun!?

Japan is a very neat country to be! People are nice, especially the elder gentlemen and ladies. They love help people. I must admitted most of the time, I guess what they were trying to tell me and I used very limited Japanese vocabularies to get around. Thankfully it has worked well!!

Can you tell how much S love the telephone booth in Japan?  Correct me if I am wrong. I haven't seen any telephone booth in the states.  Telephone booths were very easy to find 10 years ago in Taiwan, but now it is hard to find one. Whenever we saw a telephone booth she asked if she can go in and ask a photo.  Oh yes, it is very new for S to experience it.

S and I walked everyday in Japan. We love seeing the signs around the shops. Aren't they fun and cute?  Each shop is so inviting with their shop sign and display. Arakawa, Tokyo is rather a traditional neighborhood, what do I mean traditional; my word of tradition means it carries the old days construction in the buildings and kept is original. The closeness of the each house and the wooden construction outside of each building that has been weathered. The neighborhood carries its own histories and stories.  The houses that have renovated have added some modern feature in it. It keeps the houses going. Almost the idea of vintage feedsake and modern fabric that work together. The chemistry between the old and new have deeply inspired me... Do I dare to say this is what I have wish S to experiences as well?

The electrical lines/wires are everywhere that crossed around the allies. The poles around the streets reminded me of my childhood when I visited grandma in the countryside. Each day, our walk is slow and in our slowly paste. We took our time to enjoy the places that we walk by and people we met.

Will continue journey in Japan posts....

The blogger setting in Taiwan is all in the traditional Chinese font. I have accident removed some comments, really sorry. I have reset the setting and it is up-to-date now, so it won't be a problem for now on.



  1. Japan sounds wonderful, it's somewhere I'd love to visit one day. Glad you are both enjoying your adventure so far. How fantastic for Stella to have this opportunity to travel and experience other cultures and live in another country. It is something she will always remember.

    1. Please do! I have hard time to leave.. :) I wish to stay extra days, but we both are ready to go back to visit our families. xc

  2. Lovely photographs and account of both your travels so far Chase...x

  3. It makes me happy to know that you were in Japan so recently! My daughter is there teaching English for a year and I miss her so much. It feels good to know that my bloggy friends are close to her, even if I can't be!

    1. That is so lovely~ I am glad that it makes you feel a bit closer to her. I am sure she is having a great experiences in Japan.

  4. I so enjoy hearing about your journey. Please keep the photos and commentary coming! Kathy

  5. Enjoying reading about your adventure with your daughter. I will be looking forward to hearing about everything that you are going to do.

    Mary Ann
    North Dakota

  6. I'm really enjoying reading about your adventures. Great pictures of Japan. It looks like S is having lots of fun.

  7. Thanks for the Japan tour, Chase! My siblings live near Asakusa and Sky Tower in Tokyo, and your pics reminded me of my family members in Japan! I really enjoy reading about your adventures with your sweetest girl! Gook luck in everything!

    1. Hi Amy, I am so happy that your siblings are near by Asakusa! I love that area! People are so nice and so many things to see. We walked from the Template to Skytree tower and we lost the direction. The police officers are so so nice!! One Ojichan helped us to get back to the bus station! Japan is so nice and Tokyo is so much fun! I often stick with one area when we visit! :) xc


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