Friday, June 14, 2013

Random: The Last minutes

 { Tova for S}

 { She loves this chestnut print }

 { how could I resist??}

 { drawstring bag: front}

 {drawstring: back}

 { drawstring bag made with inexpensive muslin}

 {great for quilts}

 { as always, S loves be part of mama's doing}

 {made over 10 different sizes of drawstring bags}

{ she was busy in that last minutes doing}

The last minutes before our move was bitter and sweet. I shall skip the bitter part for now, so I can catch up the new lifestyle post here in Taiwan with you. When S asked for another Tova top with her favorite print, chestnut I could not say no! She has a little affair with handmade clothes that I made for her. It makes the outfit extra special when she puts it on.  The fabric is rather soft! She loves the softness and the color in this print. I waited the last minutes to make the top. Thankfully, it fits her perfectly!

How would I resisted DS new collect at Joann's? I probably went back to the store twice a day and three days the same week. I knew I have to get them before they are gone. I love the new collection and oh please don't let me know there are newer collections have already out and about. I might be a little upset! I store fabric stashes in my dear friend, Carol's house. She is so kindly offered one of  her closet to me when I approached her. All the boxes of fabric are safely keep at her home in Iowa. Oh, that makes me so happy and I knew that she will ensure they are happy. She is an amazing quilter as well.

The scrappy drawstring bag was made to give a very special friend that I have been known for a long time. I have a bit of hard time to think what to make for her in the last minutes of makings and doings, but I knew that something simple and me would be a perfect gift! The gifts have been given and I think she is happy!! I shall share more about this...

I have different yardage of muslin that I used for my school's work. I think over 30 yards in 3 years. In the last week of packing I used most of the muslin and made different sizes of drawstring style storage tubes for quilts. I simply roll the quilts into tubes then store them in the drawstring bags. They are perfect for the purpose of archiving and storage.

Here is how I make drawstring style storage tubes:
Measure the length of your quilt after your roll into a tube then add 3 inches on the top for the drawstring bag. Use {French Seam style  drawstring bag} for the top closure. However, since I was in the last minutes doing. I used the overlock to closed the seam allowance and it work nicely as well.

Finally, {1/4" mark} is settled in! Still a bit this and that need a work on, but for now S and I have started our normal weekending. She is fully back to making, creating, and as well as her music. Our second weekending is almost here! A trip to flea market as I mentioned last and a special celebration with my family as the MFA diploma has arrived and I really can call myself completed and an official, no schooling for a little while.



  1. Congratulations on the MFA. Glad you are settling in to a little routine now. Hope you have a wonderful weekend - I'm very envious, I'd love to go to a flea market. Sadly I am going to be at home with a little one who isn't well. But home is always a lovely place to be, so I am not complaining.

  2. Am enjoying reading about your new adventure with your daughter and liking all the photos you show.

  3. The little Tova is so sweet. I also went nuts over the DS and bought two of the fabrics that you purchased - so soft! Glad you landed safely!


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