Monday, June 24, 2013

Random: Rainy day

 { Bridal Bouquet}

The light is dim, the air is cool, and the sky is gray. We love rainy day..  This morning, the Bridal Bouquet is finally done and S is working her on planting project. Sorting the seeds is the first step then onto finding planting containers.

cheers to rainy day


  1. love your bridal bouquet, and good luck to S growing all these wonderful seeds.

  2. I love the odd rainy day as well. Time to be indoors without feeling that I should be outside doing something. Hope S's balcony garden does well.

  3. I love the block and seeds. I hit your lonk for the bridal block and saw it was an acrylic template. Do you trace it onto paper and the do EEP? It is a great block.

  4. I am seeing these blocks popping up all over and I might have to make some too

  5. beautiful block, Chase ... enjoy a little cool weather before getting humid again. oh by the way, I went to Joann's Fabric Store and just notice now they bring a Clod 9 fabric's collections.. kind of pricey, but always have a sale there.. so cool huh. How is fabric store in Taiwan ? is that easy to get a Japanese style fabrics there?


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