Saturday, September 23, 2017

Oh! Quilt time!

Finally, quilt time! It seemed ages that I work on a new quilt! I really miss the process of planning, piecing, and ironing, more so is a fresh new quilt!  Oh, the new quilt on the tabletop is for me!  I'll be entering last year of the 30's next month (yack)! I have been thinking hard what to make or buy for my last year of 30's. Since I really can't come up with a must to buy item ( too many), I gave up surfing on things that are so pretty, but not really for me at the end.  While going through boxes in  the workroom, I found a box of fabrics that I have never unfolded before. Suddenly the idea of make a bold, saturated, and versatile quilt jump right in.

It is so NOT my colors! I know, but I am loving it! Something different and something will be treasure around here! So far, I have cut 353 triangles and needed more! I probably will get tired of cutting triangles and making all the 1/4" seam allowances in the back by the end of the quilt top making!  So far, it is so nice to sew, sew, sew and see rows come together! Next time, I'll probably have a quilt top to show you!

*** I have been working on some other patchwork pieces and can't wait to show you soon!  But now, I am putting this on the side until they are ready! 

Knitting is growing on me, literary! I have never seen myself felt so hard on a new craft.  I've cast off my very first shawl last week (happy dance)! It took me hours of trying and few weeks practicing and  understanding the whole process. It really made me feel so accomplished as I had set a goal to learn to knit and make a shawl this year! Nothing like good motivation drive and positive energy when there is desire of accomplishing and learning! Something that I haven't felt for a long time. This year, I've been embracing the positive learning and taking time to solid the process on everything. That really have lifted me up again and bring lights in me!

This week, I have received most soft and beautiful yarn in the mail ( the mail carrier kindly buzz the intercom and let me know, you've got a package)! You might not know, but I really really dislike the process of winding yarn into a ball! I've attempted to purchase all the fancy tools for winding yarn into cakes, but after all I knew I am a "part-time" knitter, so probably won't need all that fancy tool.

Google was so helpful, there are a couple ways of winding yarns while researching, but using paper roll winding yarn is so cool.  It didn't took me too long this time to wind all the yarn into cakes! The fancy look of yarn cakes make these yarn so much easy to work with and they actually sit on the table while I knit rather than rolling around, a plus!  

I've been knitting a lot more lately because I've spent time in pinch pain from a procedure finally happened last week! I had three stitches on me for a full week and finally have them removed This week! Knitting gives me an outlet to get distract from that pinch pain, since I need to pay more attention on the knitting stitches rather than stitches on me. Oh, I am doing better, the scar is pretty minor, but still bright red and skin is tender. There will be months of letting the pinkness to go away and good news is the pinch pain has gone by now!

I'll need to find a weekend at some point to go through all sewing supplies and fabrics, as I found 3 same fat quarters in three different pile awhile back ( I must really love that print).  Some sewing needles are missing, but found a box of needle that I was looking.  Zippers need to be sort into same sizes soon I probably need to build or find some boxes for them.  The working table is full with new yarn cakes,  fully packed {travel outbound bag} and the {Boathouse pouch} is fill with sewing tools.
The space needs a little makeover, I say ( so many things so little space)!

Thaaaank you for ordering and loving of the new patterns!!!! Fifi sent me a new Lucky's photo the other day! Gosh, he is pretty darn cute with that little hat on him! He loves his {Lucky Bone}, according to mama that he hides his bones in different hideout spots. He was spotted sleeping on the new toy! We are sooo thankful for Fifi taking care of Lucky for us as we are so far away to take care of him! Lucky definitely has some personality that we always get big kick with daily as we FaceTime him! He always runs to the sound and smiles big because that would be the time he gets a small bacon treat, gotta love that goofy ball!

Fall is slowly coming! On my walk back from the grocery store, the trees are turning colors and the sunset light is turning so soft that the colors are just so lovely! I really miss the Fall season and apple season in Midwest, as I am big fan of Jonathan and Braeburn, sadly I can't find any of these here. I though I still remember the taste of them, but I don't anymore! It seems ages ago I have had them! I should make an apple pie soon!

P.S. The blog posts will be running over the weekends for now. I hope to run weekday posts from time to time.

More later



  1. in Brewster, ny has
    lots of great apples plus Braeburns if you can make the trip to Westchester! on their website they have a calendar with the apple dates. happy you are posting again!

  2. When I first saw the fabric I thought wow, that's out of the box for Chase! ❤️


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