Monday, September 18, 2017

Lucky Bone Patchwork Toy Sewing Pattern

Hello! Today I have two posts over the two really sweet and adorable Patchwork Toy Sewing Patterns, so make sure you check {Bently Fish Patchwork Toy Sewing Pattern post}.

Are you ready to make some fun patchwork toys for your furry families and friends? Over the last four years, we have been making toys for our dear Lucky, the boy who gives us all the fun ideas to make little toys for him to play and chew on! Before summer arrived, I've came up with a new and fun toy idea to make. 

I had sketched lots fun objects, but the little bone sketch quickly spoke to me. I had sew and test out drafts of the bone templates before finalized the Lucky Bones outline! These Lucky Bones are really cute and fun to make! It is truly one of a kind handmade toy for our furry families and friends and perfect holiday and birthday gift making for furry families and friends!  Also for you to share your love of patchwork with them! 

These Lucky bones are fun to make and great to boost up the scraps bin and turn them into something fun and playful toys for our beloved furry friends and families!  These are really cute and fun to throw around for the furry friends to chase and catch! 

Of course, I couldn't resist making one for myself!  As the fun factor it is so cute to turn one of these Lucky Bone into a pin cushion! I just had to keep one for myself and didn't send this to Lucky!

Over the summer, I have also made and gifted many Lucky Bones away! My furry friends are so in love with their new toys! According to their mama, they pretty much guarding their Lucky bone whenever and sleep on it! Pretty cute! 

Fifi snapped all the Lucky photos for me while Lucky plays and sleeps on his Lucky Bones.  He gets pretty excited about new toys, always! He knew it is from his "second" sister, who spoiled him overly!

The Lucky Bones seem the best rest pillow for his short snout and just "big" enough for him to hold in his mouth!  He surely knows how to hide his toys as mama consistently finding Lucky's toys in the house and drop them in Lucky's lost and found bucket.

After made dozens of Lucky Bones this early summer! I have made another dozen and ready to gift to my furry friends and saved a couple for Lucky!

Lucky Bone Patchwork Toy Sewing Pattern comes with 7 pages of step by step instructions and included one template page! 
You'll need: 
-Fabric Scraps
-Backing fabric
-Polyester Fill
-Coordinate colored sewing thread
-Permanent Marker

For the first time, I am running a dual pattern listing in both {Etsy} and {Craftsy} Shop.  Within the dual pattern listing you'll received both {Lucky Bone Patchwork Toy Sewing Pattern} and {Bently Fish Patchwork Toy Sewing Pattern}. 

You can also check out as single pattern listing:

Dual Pattern Listing via {Etsy} and {Craftsy} shop
Lucky Bone Patchwork Toy Sewing Pattern can be find via {Etsy} and {Craftsy} shop. 
Bently Fish Patehwork Toy Sewing Pattern can be find via  {Etsy} and {Craftsy} Shop. 

Yet, I couldn't help myself not to design a patchwork toy pattern for our kitty friends. So I've designed another patchwork toy sewing pattern, Bently Fish for our kitty friends and families! 

Thank you again for all of your enthusiasm coming here to read about the creations I share with you. I really can't tell you how much I appreciate it! It is truly pleasure create these two patchwork toy sewing patterns and wish you'll love it as well! Something fun and cute! 



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