Monday, September 18, 2017

Bently Fish Patchwork Sewing Pattern

Hello, Did you get a chance to visit {Lucky Bone Patchwork Toy Sewing Pattern post}? Today I am running two sweet and fun patchwork toy sewing pattens. 

While designed and created the Lucky Bone Patchwork Toy Sewing Pattern. I also had made a whale alike patchwork toy and sent to my kitty friends.  It wasn't quite perfect as I knew the pattern could be improved and gave it more fun, playful look and highlight patchwork aspect more. Following weeks, I have done a lot fish drawings and drafted quite a bit before finalized the Bently Fish's shape. 

The Bently Fish is slightly different from Lucky Bone in making.  It has extra cotton twill attached to the Bently Fish. It is for tying a string to wrap around a wood stick.  It also uses two templates instead of one. Around the turning points, they need to take time and slow down to sewing and make it smooth for later.  Other than that it is a pretty sweet Bently Fish Patchwork Toy to gift. 

I've made a dozen of Bently Fish and also couldn't help to save one for myself as a Bently Fish Pin cushion. These are also perfect as little patchwork gift to quilty friends, fun and sweet! 

We have turned these Bently Fish into garland and hanging around the window for the fun! These Bently Fish are not quite in rainbow color scheme, but I had pleasant time sewing and playing in colors.   The finished size is easy for pick up and play around. Another great way boost up scrap bins and turn these into fun and cute little patchwork toys!  These would be perfect for holiday and birthday gift making for the furry friends and families!

Now, a dozen of Bently Fish and a dozen of Lucky Bones are ready to gift for the up coming holiday! I am very excited about all prepared this year for the extra special gifts this year!

Bently Fish Patchwork Toy Sewing Pattern comes with 7 pages of step by step instructions and included one template page! 

You'll need: 

-Fabric Scraps
-Backing fabric
-Polyester Fill
-Coordinate colored sewing thread
-Permanent Marker

For the first time, I am running a dual pattern listing in both {Etsy} and {Craftsy} Shop.  So you will receive both {Lucky Bone Patchwork Toy Sewing Pattern} and {Bently Fish Patchwork Toy Sewing Pattern}. 

You can also check out as single pattern listing:

Dual Pattern Listing via {Etsy} and {Craftsy} shop
Lucky Bone Patchwork Toy Sewing Pattern can be find via {Etsy} and {Craftsy} shop. 
Bently Fish Patehwork Toy Sewing Pattern can be find via {Etsy} and {Craftsy} Shop. 

Thank you again for all of your enthusiasm coming here to read about the creations I share with you. I really can't tell you how much I appreciate it! It is truly pleasure create these two patchwork toy sewing patterns and wish you'll love it as well! Something fun and cute! 


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