Sunday, October 1, 2017

October weekending

October is here! Gosh, my favorite month after all! The weather is just so beautiful last few days and finally the AC plug is off the extension box. The sunlight is softer and the temperature is just perfect for 3/4 sleeves shirts and warp around with a shawl! 

It has been such busy week here, for me! Getting things change around in the workroom, sorting through every little tins inside/outside boxes, drawers, and somewhere up and above where I regular forget and lazy to found out; dust everywhere... caught, caught from all the dust..  Still more to discover... 

The fabric stashes are unfolded from comic cardboard now. The wrapping around cardboard system didn't work so well for me since I started nearly 3 years ago. Mainly some of the fabrics are getting shorter the 1/2 yard and needed to be folded instead. So, here are piles of folded fabric and there are nicely wrapped around with cardboard. Soon, it is unorganized and that was just something I didn't anticipated first!  I've spent  few afternoons redo them and sorted them by colors (finally) and soon will mixed in the 30's reproduction as I "think" I am ready to blend them in colors now! 

I've spent more time in knitting these days. The new Honey Cowl is getting close to finish, another few rows, maybe?  I love the challenge of this pattern and you bet, this is my third try and so close to be mistake free.  I simply love how the stitches created within and the texture of it and elegant look.  

My second shawl is growing so quickly! I've randomly added two extra colors in between. The pattern which is really simple and I am getting fluent in all different knitting stitches these days. It is so nice to have a take with me project during the bus ride, car ride, and a break away from the computer works. 

And that quilt I mentioned last weekend? It is finished! <<yay!!>> I though it would take me a whole week to piecing them together or longer, but it is done! The row piecing went rather quick for this quilt! The trickiest part is matching the points and that did took some time and I used seam ripper to get them right a few times as well! The backing fabric is on its way to me and is a perfect fit for the quilt top! Once the backing arrive it will be a big job to sandwich all pieces together and start endless machine quilting. 

and I would like to start another quilt soon! All the fabrics around here need to be use and that's what they are here for! Sometimes, I have no idea why I am hoarding saving all these fabrics! Maybe just not enough of the time and good plans. Maybe we all need another sew along quilt project together, something simple and fun! Maybe when January comes and things are slower here and I'd love to run a sew along. 

I haven't had time lately, but did pick up a bag of apples from the grocery store on my walk back from the bus stop, since I though I need apples! Since then they are still sitting on the kitchen counter top and I might just turn them into apple sauce or apple crisp. Let's hope the tempurture turns into 40's this coming week and that would be my fairly excuse to stay in the kitchen for making the pie dough (fingers crossed). 

My sadly news is that the last spoon full of Iowa honey is long gone this week.  It was a jar of honey that Julie gave me as a farewell gift last year.  This past week, we've been needed extra lemon honey tea and took generous spoons of honey every time when we made the tea. I'd be searching new honey locally soon and probably will find some delicious honey in the city. 

and my patchwork... is coming soon! Just really slow this time!

more soon...


  1. I so enjoy your blog. It is refreshing and the detail you share about organizing is inspiring. I am just wondering if it is possible to make the text on your blog a bit darker. I find it a little hard to read.


    Hi, Chase, here is a link to the Queens County Farm Museum - it's open until November 5th. They have really nice, locally sourced honey.


  3. Hi Chase, I love to see your photos and read your blog.Do you know where Julie bought the honey? ❤️❤️

  4. Hi Chase! Beautiful blog post! you inspire something very deep in me! I just love your words and pictures! Today is sunny, and perfect Autumn day...Baking and slow stitching the little quilt your mini inspired...I want to cast on the honey cowl right away now! haha! What is the shawl???It looks lovely with the goldenrod colored rows between that soft grey...Hugs my friend <3


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