Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Patchwork the Travel Outbound Bag

There is a small pile of hand quilted patchwork panels that I have done and saved over the years and continue adding to the pile. I've always jump right in new ideas and start sewing. Then take up tremendous time to hand-quilting the pieces. Over the time, I probably walk away most of initial ideas then drop everything and moved on! These are not quite abandon pieces, probably just needed some good motivation push to complete them.  Lately I've getting some new ideas and working through them as I go. 

These two tiny patchwork panels finished in an odd measurement 8.25"x4.5". It won't fit well into an 8" nor a 6" zipper. Between these two sizes would be the size 7" zipper and it would really be just right size! However, size 7" is not an usual zipper size that I used around here, so had acquired new zippers for them. 

When I first designed the {Travel Outbound Bag Sewing Pattern}, I had an in-between idea/ decision on making the pattern into a patchwork style or keep the sewing panels simple. It was a challenging call at the time {as I heart patchworking so much},  but I knew for traveling that things will get wear up quickly, so final call was using linen and linen cotton blended fabrics. 

But you know what? I've been curious about how the {Travel Outbound Bag} would look like in the patchwork style! It was just something that I've always wanted to make one, but not finding the time to actually sit down for the process of making. 

After going through the box, I found these two patchwork panels were actually perfectly for making a patchwork style {Travel Outbound Bag}! The only change that made was sewing with a patchwork exterior pockets instead of one piece cloth.  I've also changed the rivet set into a snap set which allows to open up the front exterior pockets (both side) then added a little leather for extra embellishment/ design look. 

I am excited that finally filled up my curiosity after publishing the pattern. It is the kind of patchwork style that I had pictured in my mind {all this time} and it gives more versatile look, probably the patchwork love in me!  I can't wait to make a second patchwork style Travel Outbound Bag, I can't go wrong with all the tiny stitches {smile}.

Travel Outbound Bag Sewing Pattern is available via my {Etsy} and {Craftsy} pattern store. 
Hand quilting tutorial is {here}

Meanwhile, I have some patchworking fun coming next week! I can't wait to show you more!  

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