Sunday, September 10, 2017

Between Stitches

After 1700 plus miles and nine states of road tripping, I was ready to sit down and simmer through  adventures that made with papa. He has returned home almost a month now! It seemed just yesterday that he was sitting in the kitchen and having coffee with me.

I have been working between stitches; knitting and hand quilting throughout the summer time.  Knitting is really addictive once the stitch concept start making all the sense and comfortable with different knitting stitches.  I've finished two cowls, one for me and the other one for S, and a mini cowl for a little friend. There are few more cowl patterns I would like to try later this Fall.

My goal of knitting a shawl might not be too far to reach! While watching the tutorial online last week, I've also followed and cast stitches on. Pause the tutorial as I move on the stitches. There were some simple mistakes that I still make, such as yarn in the front rather in the back. After a few tries, I have GOT it! You know, that felt so encouraging! I've studied different yarn weight when I found something that don't understand, asking lots questions about what is better type of yarn to use, and really have my hands on!

After so many years of learning to knit, I really have feel this year is the year that the timing was right! Perhaps I've made friends who sew and knit this year?!  The shawl that I started yesterday is growing and it is not perfect! I made mistakes on even and odd stitch row (bummer), but I've decided to keep on going this time rather than taking it apart ( I always do when so many mistakes in between rows).  Shawl making is coming pretty quickly I have to say!

I am a newbie to this whole knitting hand craft side and loving learn and discover new skills and knowledge! I probably need to start watching for all good yarn sales for now and if you have a place you like to look, please share with me!

Alright, maybe enough of knitting talk! Hand quilting has taken most of summer time as well! Picking up some work in progress projects and really have them finish rather than sitting around! I like cross off projects and have a new project start on the side!

During the late August, I sat down and finish quilting the French Country Inspired Quilt for my friend. It made to her 60th birthday! The quilt top was sitting nearly 4 years in the box! It was finished 77"x90"! I really love how it turned out! The colors are really mean for E;  blue, white, and rose buds. When I first started it, I knew I wouldn't make a scrappy and colorful look quilt for her, since it is not her! Something match her personality and her home! But then I wanted to add some radomes of "scrappy" style into the quilt, so the nine-patch blocks were randomly place before piecing together.

Summer went by quicker this year particularly! Most of the time we were on the road and home for a day or two doing laundry then pack again for next adventure! Our favorite visit this summer is Niagara Falls and Thousand Island! You might not know, we stopped for every soft ice cream service! Papa's favorite treat all time here!

Thank you for loving the {new tutorial}! I was eager to work on it when things were slowing down a bit here!

More later,



  1. Lovely photos! Looks like some great trips. Quilts, as usual, are beautiful. Love them.

  2. I just found your blog recently and Im loving it! Trying to read through a lot of your older post, enjoying each of them.


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