Sunday, September 21, 2014


The berry pie didn't make it to the weekending baking! It was warmer than we anticipated! Indeed, we had ice cream and top with homemade strawberry jam, um.. it felt like summer again!  We finished our bread, bacon, used half dozen eggs, finished up the last banana and last orange juice for breakfast dinner and watched a movie, actually two movies.  You all have guess right, our fridge is ready to get fill in again! We are looking forward a cooler week again; I can't wait to make creamy corn soup and the parmesan bread sticks that S has been asking for years { I haven't bake any bread for 3 years, since the oven we had in ND didn't work quiet right when we first move }.

On the S' quilt news: S' birthday quilt is almost ready! The backing fabric arrived a few weeks ago and finally cut and piece together this weekending. The quilt label/message is on the paper, but need a few edits before transfer on to the backing.  You know, I will finish the quilt before S turns 11 {still have a few months}. I can't wait to lay the birthday quilt on her bed and surprise her on a day when she hops herself back from the bus stop. That will be a fabulous day in her life and mine as well! Can't wait!

Do you remember my {Scrap Stamp Quilt} project started last year? Since this summer,  I have had short visits with {scrap stamp quilt}. The stamp box that started last year is still pretty full even though I add a few patchwork pieces weekly.  The piece is cut in 1.5"x1.5" and finished at 1'"x1". The plan for this project is a queen quilt, but I see two queen size quilts as I have add cut and add more as I go. Do you have a stamp box?  I might need a second box soon!



  1. Chase, I so enjoy seeing the world through your pictures and words! You share such joy and beauty. Thanks, sweet friend! Wishing you a lovely week.

  2. you have a fancy , so festive breakfast ... :) and that tinny blocks make me happy ... I really can't wait to see a whole quilt you make for Stella .. I am sure she will always keep forever with her..


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