Thursday, September 25, 2014

A mini quilt named Quilt Star

The { Quilt Star mini quilt} is completed! It was hard to decide where to stop on hand-quilting pattern; should it be allover? or should it be simple and leave some un-quilted space? I did few more line drawing with the Be-Gone pen, then let it sat for a few days. Then as the marking lines faded throughout the days I see it was unnecessary to do the overall hand-quilting.  I am pleased with the decision!

The overall star quilting pattern shows more after a few times of the water spared, {it got shrike a little}, but the texture leaves more in-depths in the mini. The un-even stars' shapes give so much dynamic. Oh, I sure love this accomplishment!

I must love Denyse Schmidt so much {actually I really do love her so much}! 10 out of 8 mini quilts I've made have used the DS fabric for the binding. I am so attract to the dottie fabrics, line fabrics, and of course picnic plaid for binding. Do you?

Remember the quilting label? Oh, yes! I went a bit extra fancy on this one! Extra embroidery touches and a 2" wonky star in the back! I simply signed with {handmade by chase} and date the month and the year. The extra effort and time on the quilting label is so worthy! Now, I could remember when I made it! I also have been thinking about, adding the location to the quilts, since we move from time to time.  Maybe add the city and the state? Um.. it would be another good question for me to think through.

The Quilting Star mini is hanging next to the {pack patch mini}.  There are also lots little things in the studio walls as well.  I still see the plenty empty space in the studio walls; more minis are what the space needs ! Do you like minis?  I am {obsess} with them!

I couldn't help myself and doodled on the image! It surely turns out a bit different and new for myself and hope for you, too!

Quick update:
- Used Coats Cotton Quilting Thread 20 wt. for hand-quilting
- Clover between needle #12
- Warm and Natural Cotton batting, it is stiff for hand quilting, but I can't resist the look and the quality of it! You'll just need to find the right fit of thimble for your finger!
- Tutorial on hand-quilting {About hand-quilting post} 


  1. Как же здорово у вас получается все!

  2. a beautiful mini - love the texture that all the hand quilting gives it.

  3. It's so pretty and very homey looking. Your hand quilting makes it perfect!

  4. Verry beautiful quilts! Nice hand quilting so adorable!

  5. so beautiful ... :) I love the label you make, Chase.. the flowers are beautiful...

  6. The DS binding is perfect! I love the embroidered label too. This one looks great hanging next to the pack patch mini :)

  7. I love the quilting you made and the texture - great job!


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