Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mini PatchworkQuilts/ Coasters!

A few weeks ago,  I started working in the studio alone while S gone to school. I always have pandora station on, so there is a background music and I still love the commercial time announcements from North Dakota! Indeed, after three years living there, we have dearly missed that north part of land in this county. Something still is special about the state and the city we lived! Maybe the fulfilled lifestyle and the small cozy home that we created!

So, when I mean, I want to make everything. I really mean things that I have been procrastinating over the years. While I was in graduate school, one of my research study was color effect and the simultaneously changes in colors by using textile materials. At the time, I brought three different color scheme bundles of Kona fabric. I have had enjoyed the research and "play" too hard with them for almost a semester! Then one day, my processor from the committee asked me, if I'd write an essay about the research project! I stepped back and have my eyes wild open and looked at her. I replied, probably NOT a long essay, but I'd love to make more pieces and give a presentation then that proposal didn't go through! After completed the research study along with a three pages long short essay, these fabrics have been set in the box.

Lately, I started to work with solid fabric colors again! The simple pleasure of the colors effect have give more depths in the pieces. Perhaps the simplicity of using solid color fabric squares have changed the usual patchwork style that I've working! The dynamic change in selection of fabric has really give some fresh new look and new approach! For the quilting, I used straight line quilting to give clean finish. These mini patchwork quilts/Coasters finished at 6.5"x6.5".

I say, the approach of these patchwork is alike mini quilts when I made them, but also can be utilized as patchwork style coasters. These mini patchwork quilts have been quilted in 100% cotton batting with solid color in the back and hand bounded! I made 4 sets of mini patchwork quilt/ coasters have been listed in my {Etsy shop}.



  1. Love how the stripey binding only goes part of the way round, so cheery for cooking days!

  2. These are so pretty, Chase! Love the fresh look of the stripey binding and the solid squares! What type of solids are those? Such bright, clear colors!

  3. Love the striped bindings, they are so perfect! Where did you live in North Dakota? I live in Grand Forks. I would be really interested in learning where you lived and if you went to school here, if you don't mind sharing. cdahlgren at live dot com


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