Saturday, September 6, 2014

mini patchwork quilt label

Do you label your quilts? Do you like making that extra touch close to the end of the process? Did you know all the quilts I made for years to come, I've only labeled five quilts and one mini quilt!  And you know what? I can't really remember the rest of the quilts, when and where I made them. I had to go back to the old blog posts or flickr to find time frames! Oh, then you know I made the mind that from now on, all the quilts:mini or huge will get a label, so there's a bit of who made it and when made it!

For this quilt label: I used the disappearing ink and free hand writing the receiver's name and my name. For the date, there is just the month and the year; adding flowers pattern around it bring extra textures in the backing, since it is a busy print already.  I am quiet pleased with this free style label and it surely leaves additional personal touch to the quilt!

blog note:
Really, {Thank you} for your sweet comments on the new blog look! It still needs some more work done. I need to find the html coding link again,since I didn't save it from two nights ago when I was reading it. All the top tabs are working now and I will need to write up {about} page soon. I like how clean the blog looks now, but there is always improvements that need to make still!



  1. I love your label, it's so pretty and personal! You have encouraged me to try harder to label all my quilts from now on :)

  2. After see this, you were right .. I should label my quilt .. :) those label is pretty , Chase ..

  3. Very nice Chase! All of it. I like the new look and your embroidery is so pretty.

  4. I agree...We SHOULD if signing a piece of artwork...Your stitching is lovely Chase..and I LOVE the new look for your blog:) You do wonderful work...and as always..inspire ME:)


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