Friday, September 26, 2014

Patchwork Style Zippered Pouches

Hope you wouldn't mind today's self-promotion on these new patchwork style zippered pouches!  They are lovely and the colors are so cheerful! What I have done differently for these patchwork pieces is that they are pieced into a large patchwork piece then quilted straight line onto the cotton batting. The even and clean lines give the patchwork more focus look!

The sewing tapes and the zipper charms always give the pouches extra personality touches. The floral sewing ribbon was purchased in {M&J trimming}. It is a great place to shop for special trims, notions, ribbons, etc. The linen sewing tape definitely adds natural look to the pouch.

These patchwork style pouches are finished at 8"x5" and two of them are slightly larger, 8"x6". The size is perfect for multi-purpose. I have been using mine during traveling, going to meetings, stuff my sewing supplies in them and gifted to friends. They have added to my {Etsy Shop}.

Have you check into the {shop} lately? The {patchwork style checkbook covers} have added to the shop.  When we moved to the new city. I was so ready to make a new checkbook cover, but turns out I made more than two! Each checkbook cover comes with two pockets and each pocket holds one check book and one register book. It is hand-quilting throughout the exterior cover and the lining fabric is fused onto 100% cotton interfacing.



  1. Another set of beautiful pouches. My order of 3 pouches arrived safely in Australia this week. Thank you so very much. I am spreading your beauty and talent by gifting them as Christmas gifts to my co-workers. I am so impatient and want to pass them on now but will wait till the first week of December.

  2. are truly the master of the patchwork pouches! I always love the combination you come up with and you do it with such perfection. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love those! Beautiful piecing and quilting!

  4. They are all lovely and I like the way you have named them!

  5. Chase, you make them look so beautiful and professionally done! I love the attention to detail you put into them, like the zipper pulls and sewing tape. And your fabrics are always paired perfectly!

  6. Just stopping by to say I miss your posts as you haven't written in over a month. I hope all is well!


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