Monday, April 7, 2014

Are you in? : Pack Patch MINI Quilt Along

Welcome to { Pack Patch MINI Quilt Along}! Oh, I am so excited to launch this quilt along; not just to fulfilled my promise from last year, but also to have some FUN! Here are few things that I would like to start before I go to far.

How to play along:

1) What type of fabric to use?
This quilt along's fabric is encourage to use from your scrap bins, ONLY! It is a great way to use scrap fabric and play with scraps that you've received from your swaps and generous fabric scraps that your sewing friends might have sent to you.

2)  How long would this quilt along be?
This quilt along will be 10 weeks long.

3) What is special about this quilt along?
Each Friday, there will be a sticky announcement in {Flickr Group} group discussion. Within the announcement, there will be a theme for each block and plan on two themes per a week. Please upload your blocks before the new sticky thread. If you have a little hiccup time, don't worry; we'll keep the threads, so you can catch later on.

4) How difficult is the quilt blocks?  
The blocks will be made from basic twelve patch block. This quilt along is suitable from the beginning quilters to advanced quilters.

5) How big is this mini quilt?
It will be 22"x24". However, the border measurement can be modify as desired!

6) Where is this quilt along being hosted?
{Pack Patch MINI quilt along} is hosted in Filckr {click}, so you will be able to visit each other's blocks and maybe meet new quilters from worldwide.

7)  Hiccup time
There would be a time that we are traveling or time we are ready to pack up our belong to our next destination. There might be a chance that will conflict the quilt along schedule, therefore the quilt along might run longer than 10 weeks, but our plan is 10 weeks at this moment.

8) Enjoy!

 Tutorial for Twelve Patch 

Cut 2 pieces of A print in 1.5"x4.75"
Cut 2 pieces of B print in 1.5"x4.75"
( They don't need to be exact in lengthwise)

 Lay four pieces of fabric in A.B.A.B order

 Sew A print to B print, repeat for the other set

Sew first set of AB prints to second set of AB prints

 Gental press the seam allowance to the same direction

 Bring the sewn block to the cutting mat; Cut ABAB blocks into 1.5" and will get three ABAB columns  { p.s. I save the semi large scraps after cutting}

 Three ABAB columns

Start with two ABAB columns. The prints will need to be opposite from each other; match the seam allowance

 Sew two ABAB columns together

 Repeat for last column

Here is the 12 patch block

—————————————— a little more talk 

This is the scrap bin I've started three years ago and it is PACK!!  Thank you to my swap friends and generous sewing friends who have contributed and enriched the scrap bins. I've made a {quilt} used from scraps only and blocks that's left from other quilts that've been made two years ago with lots stories behind it. We love it so much. It has been a be loved quilt here and the second quilt is on its way, but slowly!

{Pack Patch Mini Quilt Along} comes with a different concept approach! We'll mainly use two prints per each block and each block comes with a theme. It could be Summer jump on top grass! It sounds so vague, but try to think about summer on top grass? What color of fabric you think of it? what prints would work together? Be surprise yourself and think outside of box!  It might be BIG v.s. small?  

Some examples:

 Retro sewing room??

 simple elements?

 a letter to oversea?

 Not work so well?

 Rarely colors in my stash?

 Dots ONLY?

graphic and repetition?

value change?

busy and regular ? 

The first announcement for the first two blocks will be April 11th then so on.  I've started a first thread to introduce myself and hope to see you there, too!  If there's new thoughts will be discuss in the Flickr discussion board. 



  1. Looks exciting!
    I plan on starting tomorrow!
    I will hopefully get help to put pictures up!
    Thanks for the fun!

  2. Sounds like a really good time. I am IN! My scrap bins are squealing with delight! I'm Flickr'd up and ready for the party. Thanks!!!!

  3. so cute !! I learn from you never discard scrap fabrics no matter how big they are.. its always pleasure to make something with them.. :))) I might making this quilt even thou I am not at fabric swap with anybody :( Thank you for sharing Chase, have a wonderful Monday .. its rain hard here .... and we forget to cover the grill .. doooh..

  4. fantastic idea Chase. I'm so in.

  5. Oh, Chase, your choice of fabrics is wonderful!!!! And thank you so much for great tutorial :)
    Have a lovely days :)

  6. Hi,
    I'm in! It's my first time to do this. Sounds fun!

  7. Hi Chase! I'm in:) and this sounds like SO much fun!!! Thank you for hosting!!! XO

  8. Looks like so much fun!!! Unfortunately my current schedule does not allow me to join the quilt-a-long ... :( but I will sure be following along with you! Good luck and I love everything you create, Chase!!

  9. I'm considering joining, even though my scrap stash is small and my sewing knowledge is even less. But I have wanted to learn for a long time and this would be a great time to jump in. Pondering . . . . .

  10. I am very excited to begin this funny QAL

  11. This is just what I need, thanks Chase!
    I blogged about my fabric choices for the first two blocks:

  12. Just found this quilt a long and I am so in on this one!

  13. Just came over here from pinkadot quilts and I am joining up too! What a fun QAL, and I love that you cal it hiccup time! I hope to post a few blocks in the next few days. Yay!!

  14. Just seen this on IG and came over - sounds so fun! I am in! Off to Flickr to read the threads and catch up! Thank you!

  15. This is SO MUCH FUN!! Totally unlike any Quilt Along that I've ever been in before! The assignments are so interesting, and I love seeing everyone's interpretation blocks! Thanks, Chase!

  16. Late joiner here... Will go through my scraps ...oh my...and make some sewing this weekend...have some blocks to catch up on!!! :0) see you!


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