Tuesday, April 15, 2014

quarter inch mark studio presents: kin-cha-ku PDF sewing pattern

Kin-Cha-Ku aka {Drawstring bag}. Kin-Cha-Ku is a traditional Japanese purses or handbag. It is a small bag, typically with a drawstring. Kin means fabric and cha-ku sans to put on. This drawstring bags was invented to carry personal items such as sewing tools, cosmetic, or small items in your travel trip. 






{ they are all mine}

{ and i am tried!}

The {Kin-Cha-Ku sewing pattern} is {available} in PDF file now. The PDF sewing pattern comes with 22 pages step-by- step instructions with over 60 full colors photos on how to make one kin-cha-ku. It also gives clear information on how to resize the pattern. 

We thought it would be great to share a little bit more of the studio photo shooting with you.  S, aka studio assistant has been terrific as a model for the studio.  She loved balanced {kin-cha-ku} on her arm and stacked them in her arms.  We had lots laughs while photo shooting and lots giggles while the {Posie Garden Kin-cha-ku} couldn't balanced any longer! Of course, she got a little tired after all the fun! We wrapped up our studio shooting with a Sunday drive date and a quick visit at the local ice cream shop.

The Kin-cha-ku is finished approx.  7"x7.73"3" , you'll need 

-  an assortment of 56 pieces of print{ a great way to use scrap fabrics}
- two pieces of 10”x10” lining fabric
- one pieces of 3.5”x9” channel fabric
- two pieces of 20” linen waxed string
-two pieces of 10"x10" 100% cotton batting
-sewing Machine
-a small safety pin
-ironing board
-spray adhesive {multi-purpose}
-rotary cutter
-water base pen/ b-gone pen
-100% cotton hand-sewing thread
-hand-quilting thread
-basting needle:long needle
-between needle: #9/#10
-Thimble: leather/plastic/metal ( your preference)
-Hera Marker by Clover

The PFD sewing pattern is available in the {shop}

Please note: A PDF reader is required, as this is a PDF file. If you don’t have one, Adobe Reader can be downloaded online.

Thank you from all the great supports and visits~



  1. I haven't finished mine yet, life got a bit complicated for a while. I loved the fabrics and the pattern is so easy to follow. I will send you a photo soon. And i loved your photo shooting, such fun photos!

  2. love the fun pictures. And your bags are so adorable.

  3. What a beautiful little model you have Chase! I love the look of these little bags:) SO sweet and colorful!

  4. Wonderful! Love these pretty little bags and enjoyed Miss S and her sweet expressions. Congrats on the new pattern, Chase.

  5. I love your photos! They are so cute!!! and your work as always. so cute.....

  6. Sweet photos of your bag and your daughter ~ best model ever!
    I found your blog through Verykerryberry ~ she has lots of nice things to say about you and your work! Love everything and think I'm going to follow along with the Pack Patch Mini!

  7. Looks like you had a lot of fun with this photo shoot. I love the bags, just ordered my pattern today!

  8. I have been looking for one of your lovely quilts and wondered if you could help me find it: The mini 9 patch in a square (not sure what you call it.) Love your talents and ability to capture the perfect photos.

    1. Hello Would this is the one? i use mini 9 patch for the block and made the mini quilt. Please let me know if you need more help. http://quarterinchmark.blogspot.com/2011/11/daisy-mae-scraps-love.html


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