Tuesday, April 8, 2014

work in process: that girl

Oh.. if this is too much! This is pretty much you've seen from me on IG and Flickr lately. My mind is occupied of making this single girl quilt.  I have Skyped with Fifi aka my sister for a few times while working on this quilt and she has no idea what I've been up to. She knew that " she ( that would be me) is sewing something again", but has not idea she would be the one who is getting this girl.

Last few days, I've spent a few hours on this quilt, took few hours off on smaller project, and search for the backing fabric again! I plan on using one print fabric for the entire quilt backing rather than patchwork style; to simplify the backing and place the label in quilt top!

Spring is here, friends!! The weather has been so gorgeous over last weekending. S has been on her bike and I, on the walk with her. We walked to the coffee house, to the park, to get fresh air, and get to smell the dirt from the ground! We love being out and about and loving the sunshine shines on our faces rather than reflections from the windows! This spring has been hard to wait for!!

The book club was great and we devoured a full bag of crackers! "Oh, I am the other Edward Tulane?" That was what I have had when I finished the book! I've learn to love and being loved since S is born. Learn not to hide the loves and cares I have for people and feeling thankful being loved by many friends, families, and special S. I travelled from places to places and met various people, kind, unkind, sharing, open mind, rejecting... but these are all such great life experiences that added to my view of life, be open and learn to accept each person individually!  Once the birthday quilt is bound and wrapped, Edward Tulane will travel with the quilt to Fifi! I think she is going to love this book as well as we loved it! Oh my, the parcel will be heavy as we have start a small list what to sent along with.

Are you feedsack lover? I am! I've been lucky and collect them for a few years now! Today I pulled out a few prints to make a special gift to a friend. I am not sure if she is a feedsack lover, but something special and different from her collection, maybe?

Thank you for join {Pack Patch MINI quilt along}! I though, maybe 5 people will join, but there are almost 40 friends in the group! It is really exciting that you are join along! I have the first two themes ready for you, but will announce it on Friday!



  1. I really love everything about your quilt. So looking forward to seeing it done : )

  2. THAT girl is AMAZING:))) I have never tried to piece curves! It looks tricky...but OH SO LOVELY! We are going out of town on Sat. morning, so I will have to wait until Wed. to start my first Pack Patch block!!! LOVE your feedsack collection...I have some small pieces..I have been saving for who KNOWS:))) Happy Springtime Chase!

  3. Oh, I can´t wait to see the finished quilt. It looks very nice in this part of your sewing progress :)
    Have a wonderful time!

  4. So Miss Chase, you did not realize how many people were reading what you are doing!?! lol I know that I have been reading. I have been encouraged by your creativity through your difficulties in life. I need to be more like that. I appear to shut down and not do anything when I am going through difficulties! I am looking forward to the Pack Patch Mini Quilt along. ttfn (ta ta for now) ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TTFN ) I put a link here for the expression of 'ta ta for now'. Tigger, in the Winnie the Pooh books, says it ;o) Sarah

  5. I'm loving the look of this quilt but I love your outlook on life and general happiness even more.


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