Friday, April 11, 2014


Oh.... the flowers are blooming, indoor and I have been sneezing since then and haven't stop! oh dear.. Windows are open { a few of them} and the fresh air is in!  This week has been off the schedule with an unexpected visit at the doctor's office and a fussy child who seems getting better now, but tasteless medicine made things rough on her. I am glad, she eating again, which is a great improvement for the week.

The gift to the dear friend is wrapped and ready to mail out. I think she might be reading, so I'll keep it secrete till she receives the package! These feedsack fabric are so great to work with! The hand-quilting added some special touch to it. There's so many cheerful spring colors in it! Perfect for the spring time.

I started the quilt label yesterday and so pleased with how it turns out so far. I think Fifi aka my sister will love it! I planned a long "love" letter to her, but I think she might like the simple message instead. Once the quilt label is done, I'll be assemble the last row to the rest. The backing fabric has been ordered! None of what I picked out last made it to the final shopping cart then I spent another few days looking for the "right" backing fabric. Let's say, Fifi is a little picky sometimes.

Lots fabric pieces on the table to sort through, but the amazing weather is so inviting! It is hard to decided to stay in or out and about! Since I've been sneezing, out and about speaks louder in my ears. Another early weekending post since we plan out and about. A Sunday drive date is made a week ago. We'll probably see the field has been changed since last we drove by and enjoy this spring season.



  1. Yay for spring! I'm loving it! Here in the southeast part of the US my dogwood trees are blooming and my azaleas bushes are starting too. Aww I love the sunshine and warm temperatures but the pollen makes my nose run and my eyes itch. But I am so glad for the change of seasons. Enjoy your weekend ;o) Sarah

  2. i love how your single girl is shaping up!


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