Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April and a tip

April arrived in the windy and cold day here in Northwest Iowa. We both decided to keep the winter gears for a little longer now { we were in our spring jacket yesterday}. The forecast looks like a snow storm is on its way to us. We sure will stock up more crackers and hot coco in house and hope extra movie from the library. S and I broke the record this past weekending; we watched 7 movies. My favorite would still be UP; my eyes were pretty water whenever I watch it and I finished binding the memory quilt for Julie, my friend { sorry, I didn't get to take photos, since I left the quilt with them after finished it}.  It feels really good the quilt is being loved by the family and on my side I felt so good that I was able to contribute some to her and her family.

Single Girl Quilt # 3
After selected the fabrics yesterday. I went ahead and start cutting last night, but made a big mistake on the first template cut. Oh, "trace template on the right side of fabric" and I did " trace template on the wrong side of the fabric" that result opposite of the fabric direction. Glad I cough it on the first cut.  I still prefer trace my fabric in the wrong side of fabric where I can see the lines better and you?

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
It just arrived at noon today! This book has been in the book cart of last 5 months and finally I check it out last week. Oh.. I am so close to finish chapter one, but I plan to save it for bedtime reading now.  Indeed I flipped to the last page and read the last paragraph... Um. I'll finish this book and share with you... So far it is so lovely and I bet S will finish it before I do... then book club starts.. discussion. cookies. tea time..

Since most of the sewing supplies are in the storage. I have to find different way of sewing. I have a sand board which I used for tracing fabric, but it is somewhere deep in the storage. The alternative solution is; Trim the sand paper to the size of a thick catalog and taped a #200 sand paper on top of  a thick catalog and use it as tracing board for fabric tracing. It is nothing fancy, but it holds fabric nicely and will not damage the fabric.

Quilt with quarter inch mark
I like to fulfill my promise from last year.. would you join me?



  1. Hi Stephanie
    Thanks for the tip about the book. Just put in on reserve at brooklyn public library.
    I have a sandboard made from sandpaper glued to piece of corrugated box. works great for tracing templates. Hope you're all doing well.

    1. Enjoy your book time and I think the sand board is really wonderful for tracing fabric. :) Have a wonderful day... xc

  2. Love the fabric selection and I have that book but just haven't read it...I will now!

    1. Just finished the book tonight and hope your'll enjoy yours~ It is a really cute book and gives lots thoughts.. :) xc

  3. Your fabric selection looks lovely!!! I hope you like the book! Ihavent read that one, but it looks like one I would like!! :)

    1. Thank you! Fabrics are cut and ready to piece together and the book is wonderful.. I just finished it tonight.. I am loving the concept behind it.. :) xc

  4. Ouuuch ,... !! no mistake no more mom, too sad to see the fabric waste away LOL - I better off from computer and star my second quilt *wink*
    niwey, just curious about 1st comment, Stephanie ?


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