Sunday, February 23, 2014


It looked so decent and sunny from the window where we spent most of of day then I talked into S to take a long afternoon walk around the neighborhood. Then we came home with pink noses, pink ears, and pink cheeks.  brr...  We were glad the wind wasn't blowing and the walk was great! We chat all the way on the walk, just like every walk that we have taken.

Since the weekday is full with all other after school activities; S' Chinese learning did not stop since we moved back! She does weekday reading from the storybook then weekending writing. We have started to see great improvements from the reading as she reads fluently; less pauses and slowly recognized the characters.  There's much encouragements go with the study and always reminder her the positive accomplishments that she has made this far! Yes, it is not as easy as it seems, but I am a proud mama seeing S gives her good work each day.

The orange/brown feedsack print was found in the local fabric store a few weeks back. I picked out three pieces then sent two other pieces with the Christmas parcel to dear friends. This orange brown/ cheater print cough my eye when I was browsing around the fat quarter section. I have not decided what to make, but though it is very different from other feedsack I've seen so far.  Do you love feedsacks? In my long list of to make quilt, I'd love to have a quilt that made entire from the feedsack prints.

Last week, after sent out five job applications I headed to the local gallery to set up my MFA artworks. Going up and down ladders made the last two days hard to sit on, but thank goodness, I have rephotograph the show and the works! Hope the official website will be up and running soon, so I can introduce to you about my fine art works.

The weekending is really quiet around here, since we both have our little plans and works to accomplish! I tried out a new pattern and love the way how it turns out! S on the other hand had great time sketching her backpack that she would like to make.

Thanks again for the last post~ tomorrow I will have a full post for you~



  1. glad you are so busy lately, Chase ... I'm sure your fabrics collections are going high and high LOL - can't wait for you website to come...

  2. You have been busy. Good luck with the show and the job applications. And well done Stella for persevering with Chinese.


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