Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Random: this and that

Two days in a row to put on a spring coat is unreal for the weather forecast we have had lately. I have been wearing the spring coat and it has been just the right amount of the cover I needed.  We all think spring is making her way to us, slowly! This morning, S insisted to put her spring coat on and told me it feels so great; no more heavy jacket and scarves. Indeed, it has been gorgeous days here and how I wish you can be here with me, drink tea, coffee, taste local donuts, and of course sew.

It has been a week that the mind is clear and the schedule is fitting so well in all the aspects. Yesterday, I was invited by a dear friend to tryout on her long-arm quilting machine. It is a HQ Sixteen and I LOVED it! It is the first time I tried on the professional long-arm quilting machine and it was a little tense to start with.  At first, I tried a row of randomness to get the feel of the speed that machine manual sets and slowly I draw a few pictures and really I could go on and on .. truly enjoy the process. It is amazing to be able to quilt in a nice speed and move arms more freely.  She generously offer me to quilt on her machine when I would like to get quilt quilted. I am feeling lucky!

Our wool felt collection is slowly growing in the corner of the sewing space! It is another great material when it comes to hand-sewing or machine sewing. It always adds a nice texture with cotton fabric and also the soft texture makes small handmade items delegate and unique. S loves using wool felt for little hand-sewing and cut them into small pieces for pasting on the paper for some collage fun.

Do you remember the tote I made last year? It is a super lovely tote and has been hanging in the room since we moved back. Lately,  I have been thinking and planning to cut into the tote and remake something new. I would like a messenger bag for the summer and running errands.

Another super duper belated Christmas gift is in process. It is for a friend of mine's little girl who just turn 2 a few weeks ago.  She is into the little girl fun and likes play house with her mama. I though a little tote for her "grocery" is appropriate! Of course that involved some animal and sweet prints.

It seems so truly that my colors are changing lately. It is crazy seeing purple prints arrived in the mail box; lots retro prints, calmer colors, and something out of comfort zone prints.

Time to run, a presentation at the elementary school today~ wish me good luck!



  1. I love all the pictures you put here, Chase. ... Everything.. I said ... everything .. :)) the pictures are tell story. So what presentation you going to give for the kids .. ?

    1. Thank you! The presentation was about different cultural values between Taiwan and the states. It was big group, over 130 kids and plus teachers! They asked great questions and followed along with the language lesson! I love community volunteer works.

  2. So many beautiful inspiring photos. I extra love the tote.

  3. May I ask where you got the yellow fabric with daisies on it? My sister loves daisies and I have a bit of a hard time finding a true daisy looking print like that one.

  4. You did amazing for the first time! Enjoy your lovely weather

  5. How lovely to be able to use a long arm quilter, I bet you had fun.

  6. It sounds like spring is just around the corner for you and you have chosen the right colors to work with too. Beautiful work on the long arm. I would only hope to be that good on my first try b


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