Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Swing patchwork

Belated Birthday Celebration:
Last Tuesday, S turned 10! Yes, so much to talk about this journey that we shared and hopefully a post soon with a birthday quilt, i promised! Prior to the birthday week, we talked about how to celebrated the double digit number! S asked for a day trip to the near by city, movie and dinner, of course a trip to book store and hang out with mama.  The drive to the city was unpleasant due to the weather condition, but we made it safe and sound! We've enjoy the audio books that we loan from the local library lately.

S and I stopped a few shops while we were in the city; getting new shoes for each of us then the stop at the book store was always dangerous! S wishes she could bring all books home and I, on the other hand wish to have all the fabric home, so between two of us, one of us has to honor the other on their birthday celebration.  Movie was sweet; we shared popcorn and squeeze each other's hand so hard when the movie story gets so touch or scary. Then there's a bit of tears running in my eyes when the storyline touches me, so did S.  Dinner was amazing! We spoiled ourselves and dined in a fancy restaurant. The drive back home was so much better with 100% visibility, a cup of coffee  accompanied me in the front seat, and a child who had most amazing day whom was asleep in the back.  This was part of weekending and a blessing day with the birthday girl of mine.

It gets long:
It wouldn't be my intention to take you with me on this roller coaster ride on the job searching and wondering what our next journey would look like. Job searching gets long and it does affect our life. I thankful that we lived and surround with a group of supportive friends and all the encourage words and helps throughout the day. It is hard to express my gratitude in words with the extended friendship and kindness daily.  I keep my chin up when the alarm rings each morning and try to avoid self talk "what if " stories. Look forward new possibilities and keep a smiling mama.

Each day, we look for motivation to start of our day. Schooling, working, sewing, reading, baking,.. the list goes on. Lately, I list out all motivations to myself for the week then cross out what have been accomplished. Something to look forward and get excited about during this long process. It helps to see the accomplishments throughout the day and the week. Yes, motivation leaves us moving to next stage and perhaps new challenges?

Swing patchwork:
Finally patchwork is in action! My obsession of sewing small patchwork hasn't go anyway! It is amazing how we cut, press, sew, and repeat all these actions daily and still loving, cut, press, sew...
I {heart} patchwork and you?

We welcome the baby mini scissors to our sewing family this weekending. I wondered how many pair of scissors you have?  Happy Sewing~



  1. Lovely post! I felt I was watching a film when reading it. Sounds like you and S had that magical quality time everyone is craving. Your tiny patchwork is so cute; did they start out as 1 1/2" squares? I have never tried anything this small.
    I only have one pair of scissors for sewing and they were never intended for that. They have thick sides and curved tips and are starting to go blunt. It is an area I will need to spend money on soon- the pink ones you are showing here look ideal for clipping curves

  2. I pulled out my 49-patch 7" finished size squares for the first time in over two years, just this afternoon. I made three blocks (out of 1.5 inch squares) and cut strips for many more. This is the year I finish projects I started so long ago...can't believe my cutting mat looks just like yours today! Will have to post my progress on Flickr so we can encourage each other. Your blocks are going to be beautiful.

  3. Happy birthday to S, she is the same age as my biggest boy now. It's a good age! It sounds like you both had a lovely time celebrating. I loved reading about your motivations, you are an inspiration Chase. I hope you both have a good week. CJ xx

  4. Ten. I wish my daughter was still ten. Savor every moment, as time passes so quickly.

  5. Sounds like you had a lovely celebration with S! Cute patchwork, I also have (and love) those scissors!

  6. Happy birthday to Stella. She is really big girl now :)

    Keep warm, dear Chase and enjoy the little sewing :)


  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful celebration. Happy Birthday to S!

  8. I love those mini scissors! Where did you get them? At last count I had more than 20 pairs of scissors. I have quite a scissors fetish, I'm afraid. I can't get enough of them. Those little scissors would be perfect for traveling.

  9. I love those mini scissors! Where did you get them? At last count I had more than 20 pairs of scissors. I have quite a scissors fetish, I'm afraid. I can't get enough of them. Those little scissors would be perfect for traveling.


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