Sunday, February 16, 2014


The house is finally slowing down! S is reading and settling herself in the night before the new week begin. It has been a full busy weekending for us! Yesterday morning, we decided to go on a nice Saturday morning drive, but the drive extended a little longer and became a trip to the near by city. We enjoyed the drive, the lunch and the talk together; just us!  Sometimes, it is nice to go without plans and S surely loved the little mini get away, so am i!

I meant to tell you all "Have a sweet day" on Valentine's day, but ended up spent 5 hours in the afternoon and submitted two applications that was due at 5 that day! It was a little unreal two applications in one afternoon, but surely made the day went quicker and felt accomplished! I hope you had a "sweet" day! Surely, it was sweet and cozy here~

At 6:45a.m. S greeted me in her sleepy voice, " Happy Valentine's Day, mama" then she fell back to sleep.

At 7:10a.m. S greeted me in her awoke voice, "Happy Valentine's Day, mama" and followed by a huge HUG!

At 7:45a.m. S greeted me in her ready to get off the car voice, " Have a nice Valentine's day, mama and I LUV you very much".. off she went...

At 4:45p.m., S greeted me in her super voice when I went pick her up, " Did you have a great day, mama? what did you do?? Did you miss me?" " Indeed, very much", I replied.

At 7:00p.m. S greet me in her light voice when we finished our supper, " I had a very good day and did you like my little treat I prepared for you". It was more than just cozy, I tell you.

Do you love Kales? The first time, I heard about Kale was use it for making healthy veggie drink, but I second the idea. Let me share our Kale Chip recipe with you. S loves them and asks me often if I could make them for her. It is one of the healthy treats she loves and enjoys. We would go through a bunch of Kale in one weekending afternoon and I am sure you'll love it as well.

Kale Chip
- One bunch of Kale, gentle washed and dry with dish towel
- Take off the Kale leaves and tear in smaller piece, so it would be easier to taste later
- Spare them in "lighter" baking pan.
- 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil; toss with the Kale leaves
- Dash sea salt in the baking pan
- Make sure the Kale is well coated with olive oil

Preheat oven at 400 degree and bake 15-17 minutes.  Enjoy~

This afternoon, I pulled out some of the unfinished projects and made a small list of what can be accomplish in next few days or next few weeks. A little organization for the sewing space and read a few books to remind myself, relax! The dinning room table is occupied by the fabric, tools, books, more fabric, and more tools at this moment; yes, clutter!!

The weekending is almost close to the end and a new week is approaching us! More applications are waiting for me and I do keep myself up and think positively now and then.  Thank you So much for all your encouragements and thoughts! It is going to be a little while before I hear anything back, so until then, bare with me~



  1. So nice to see your wonderful projects, Chase! And to hear that you and S had a lovely weekend! Thanks for sharing the kale chip recipe, too. I'll definitely try it. Btw, it made me smile to see the top photo. I'm still using the spool of Coats and Clarks hand quilting thread that you gave me. I love working with it! Your photos, no matter what the content, are always so beautiful! You have such an eye for taking great ones... Hope you have a lovely week!

  2. Beautiful photos of your adorable projects! x Teje

  3. Great post, what a sweet girl Stella is! I had a Mama and daughter day on Saturday and it was lovely too! No moods or moaning from my missy so it was wonderful. Love your photos and best of luck with your applications xxx

  4. hello thanx for the recipe on kale chips now i know how too make chips also your blog tutorials are all so great,photos happy too find ya made my morning by renee


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