Thursday, February 6, 2014

Between times

Each morning, the alarm rings at 6:00 a.m., but the mind seems awake before hearing the sound. Slowly the right arm reach out the light stand then turn it on then next action would be searching the phone that being set by the pillow then slowly the feet try to locate the floor, since the bed is higher than the legs what is next, yes, the glasses to put on so the eyes can have correct vision then off the room to get ready for the day! It has been normal routine that's been established since school and job started.

Last Friday was the last day of printing job in the local company. It was a job that taken in a hurry and though it might help since we just returned! By week two, the working environment started negatively and difficult to be surround then it took a few weeks to make up the mind to leave the job.

Between these times, we are busy! New job search during the daytime and little sewing, merely no sewing for last few weeks. The mind seems like to speak for itself.. then there is some sadness approached and the little sadness hole became a medium hole then bigger! Thankful to so many kind friends who have been listening and writing emails to encourage and warm hugs from S.. and thinking possible new opportunities will come... so on

The new routine started beginning of the week.. The alarm still rings at 6:00a.m. and all the routine stays the same, but the stop for the coffee from the local cafe to local bakery where to pick up a donut and a cup of coffee. It almost seem a treat to self to start the long day process of searching and more searching opportunities out there. Then adding some sewing time help, too.  So slowly, the new routine help walking away the hole and looking forward the day start fresh and new...

Yesterday after majority of searching process came to a break. The start of cutting, sewing, pressing process began. As you noticed these prints and colors aren't the usual color schemes that you seen here. They are rather classic and mature. This quilt is for a dear friend who we are staying with since we moved back! She probably will not know about this quilt is for her until the day we move! So, would you help me to keep the cat in.. don't let the cat out?  The kindness of her to share her home with us and the generosity of her letting the sewing machine, cutting board and tools occupied the half of the dinning table and plus a corner for fabric storages!  priceless!

The simple nine-patch block is 9.5"x9.5" and will finished at 9"x9". There will be sashing added between each block. It will finished around 80"x80"; a nice size for her when she sits in her living room and read the paper and books.  All the blocks have been pressed and needed to look out sashing fabric soon, so this quilt can be ready; in case we move anytime now.

The accomplishments might seem small, but it helps to change the mind setting and help the day goes better! There will be few more sewing project slowly start and process; one step a day!



  1. Yes, this is a little subdued for you, but I'm sure it will be beautiful, and well loved by the recipient!! What a generous gift!

  2. I just finished read your e-mail, what I want to do is giving you a very big hug dear Chase :) Keeping you in my thoughts - and I know the time will come soon, and you will know that everything will be fine -
    Love you dearly, and please give a kiss for Stella - Happy Birthday, little one :)

  3. Love your photos. Look forward to seeing your blocks

  4. Thinks will settle in place for you and S. I'm sending you positive thoughts and best wishes.
    Love what you are working on. It is going to be a fabulous quilt.

  5. Your blocks look great! I love the French General too.

  6. Dear Chase, keep warm and hugs for Stella!
    Lovely sewing in process again :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Our Dear Chase. What a journey. Life does that for us, doesn't it? Plus this winter has been an early and hard one. Lots of snow and cold. Good luck with the job search and you are exceptionally lucky to have such good friends. You must have done something right (-: Thanks for your updates on your everchanging life. Spring will come!

  8. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, Chase. I can imagine just how difficult this time has been for you. So glad you have the support of good friends and to see that you're sewing. When life becomes most challenging, I take hope that it means I'm going through a time of growth and that's why I'm struggling. Thinking that good is ahead, it helps me get through the tougher times. Sending you hugs and hopes that many good things are ahead for you and Stella.

  9. sorry to hear things are not where you'd like them to be right now. Hope it all gets better very soon. Good luck with your job search. Hugs :)

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