Thursday, February 27, 2014

Random: sew, just like that

 {clutter and not space to work, indeed}

 {clean and neat?}

Early this week, S, aka {quarter inch mark studio assistant} returned to studio after her good day at school. She asked if I have made the improvement? I was so happy to tell her, yes! Check it out!! Isn't it clean and neat around here? Then she looked at me, "Really, mama! I can't even find a space for homework".  A day later, before she walked in the house, she asked again, " How's the work today? Did you really improve?" I said, " yes, tried my best".  She checked out the space, and said, " well, BETTER, and thank you!  And now, it is pretty clutter here again, but I still have a few hours before pick things up!

This week has been a great improvement busy!  I have keep myself quiet when I am home, alone! It actually gets lonely sometimes; just me and the music { plus fabric}! I miss working in real place and meeting people, but this moment of our life the quietness helps me to think and reflect.  This week, I have set the job applications aside because it starts feeling discourage and it gets to me quick! So, I walk away from it for a few days; I start to sew, design, make new patterns, go through fabric stashes then group them in a small stash, bake, clean, take time to cook and enjoy each meal, have friend over for some fresh bake scones, make a fresh pot of coffee after sending S to school.  Make I "will" do it to I "am" doing it, try to have less pauses in the day and go for what's in my mind! It feels GREAT and positive, again!

The little tote grocery tote is finished! I used 18 piece of 9.5"x9.5" squares to patch the front and back and used simple straight light for quilting. I plan to make a few softie toys to stuff in the tote before I send it away to California. I hope our friend's little girl will love and enjoy her little grocery tote when she goes out to shop!

You know, it has been a "pouch making" week here! I made few more pouches added to the parcel for my sister. There are few pouches for mom as well. Sometimes, it is hard to know what mom likes, but I know she will put them in good use. My sister asked for another smallish pouch for her USB drives and little things. I can't wait for her comments when she gets them, simply they made me giggle...

I have been wanting to share with you on the moo cards that I designed for {quart inch mark} back in January.  This is the very first time, I made the cards for the studio. I used the old sketches that I have had from the sketchbook and scan it into computer. I freehand drew with illustrator and really pleased with the outcome. The little house represent the space that we live and work; with an open door to welcome friends and family to our space and enjoy the place we created. The cloud above the sky represents lots talk and dream. The flowers on the left side, the taller flower is me, and the one below me is S and the rest of flowers are friends and families.  I also made some stickers to seal the order packages for the studio. That makes the {quarter inch mark studio} a little more official and add simple touch to the orders that were made.

After talked about the ironing board and iron in the basement from the {last post}. Guess, it never occur to me to bring them upstair! I tried to be aware the space that I have spare myself out here. Yesterday morning, I brought them up and ...... it made everything six times better and no more need to dress in outdoor layers indoor. I hope you are not smiling, but giggling.

{Thank you SO much} for the great supports! The {patchwork books} are packed and ready to ship today! I will make my way out soon, so won't run into busy hour at the post office. Another sunny and bright day here for photographing,  but it is COLD!

And yes, I took the {travel tote} apart and more on this later....



  1. wow... lady, I can tell that you are really buzzzzzzzzzzy .... LOL :)))) looking at your fabrics picture #1 I feel like that I should stop doing fasting !!!! I've been on fabrics diet for awhile , but with lovely pictures like above, or another pictures from IG friends ... I can't resist no more... LOL - now I really giggling , anyway, I love your card design .. the story of the design is so cute and meaningful ..

  2. What a great share- beautiful and inspiring!

  3. Some wonderful making going on over there Chase. And those little cards are absolutely beautiful. Glad you've sorted the ironing out!

  4. Lovely, lovely projects, Chase! And your Moo cards and stickers are gorgeous. Glad you've got your sewig mojo working! xoxoxo


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