Thursday, July 18, 2013

Random: everywhere, but here

 { Lucky, plays piano}

 { Lucky's new favorite spot, book shelve}

 { This is how we eat cherry tomatoes, stuffed plum}

 { sunset, before typhoon  taken by S}

 {sunset before typhoon, taken by S}

 { on bus.. fields}

 { on bus; look out}

 {Taipei 101}

 {traditional housing}

 { Quilters, this is for you}

 { and this for you, too}

 { and this , as well}

 { hot pot for dinner}

 {Confucius temple}

 {Quilters, I thought you might like this window. It reminds of the log cabin quilt} 

 { mutton}

 {Tree house}

 { trees on roof}

 { tree closed the gate}

 { figs?}

The new favorite drink here is { lemon Lime water}. It seems like it takes away the heat and just simple to make. The glass I drink from just emptied and refilled. Finally, I am sitting down alone for the first time in last { many days}. Last week, I fought a summer flu that came down on me rather quick and harsh. The headache was extremely discomfort and vomiting was not so fun. I took a day off from everything and rest and tried not to think was helpful!

Right after recovered from the flu I took a quick bus trip to Taipei as my dear friend Nishiki came to visit us. I went to pick her up at the airport. S and I though we would go together, but with the typhoon visiting Taiwan. We decided that mama will go and S stay home with Lucky and aunt.  I have to tell you whenever I take trips without S, I try not to talk to her on phone. I always sniffled so bad on the phone when she calls and tells me, {love ya mama! come home soon!!} This time is not exceptional... S spent her time with Lucky while I was away and oh dear...while I was away, S adopted another pup... this time is a girl. I shall ask her to share about her little pup with you soon.. Only the little girl needs some work; getting clean and some medicines to take care of some skin problems.

The trip to Taipei was quick!  I was so lucky to stay with my friend from high school and we had great time and meals together.  She show me around the city and took me to one of the bookstore that operates 24 hours a day.  When I told S that, she asked me if she can go next time. We hope to visit the city soon, so we can visit the book store and the zoo as well.

It felt quiet unreal that Nishiki came to visit us. Since she left N.D last October we just didn't know when we will meet again. Between the time, she has been traveling around the world, but she will settle very soon. Nishiki and I took bus back to my hometown on Monday. It was so great to see a friend who came all the way from a different country. S came with my brother to the bus station and pick us up. It was so great that S' friend came to visit her. She has been feeling { her friends might forget her since she moved away to a different country}.

Nishiki has tasted so many { small eat = local food/ can be any food that comes in small portion} in Taiwan and really enjoyed the food and people. We visited many {must.go} places in my hometown and had { must. eat} dishes.  We rode on the scooter together and it happened rained on Tuesday, so we all got so soak wet, but it was a memorable moment that we share.

Our week has been so full with visiting places and try out local food. As I am writing, she has arrived in Japan and continues her time with her family before she returns to states. We'll visit her in Idaho when we return. Are any of you from Idaho?

The sewing activities are very limited this week. I have finished the mock up azuma-bukuro and will start the second one for the new measurements and will provide two options for making it. This coming weekending will be another absent weekending for us, since we have an annual family/relative event that occur once a year. S and I rarely able to attend when we visit, but this summer we are able to stay and join the group. We hope to see as many relatives as we can. 



  1. Chase, this post has made me miss China so much! I loved Hot Pot,greens with garlic, eggplant,mangosteen...everything! My daughter also adopted a dog in Yantai. There are so many street dogs, it was hard not to. She will bring her home this September when she comes home to Pa. I can't wait to meet her. Tell Stella to post pics of the new pup! And, what is her name?

  2. Nice pics, would love to try some of the food from there. Sounds like you are getting on well. It must feel good to be back with your family after being so far away . It is nice that you have the time to spend with a friend, they are good to have. What part of Idaho will you be coming to? I live in Lewiston, Idaho. It is in north central Idaho, right on the Washington state line. It is very warm in the summer and very little snow if any, in the winter. I have been following your blog for over a year now and really enjoy it.

    1. She will be in Moscow. The city is closed to Washington state. We were talking about the winter while she was here. I think it would close to where you are.... ✨

  3. Mmm, the food looks wonderful, and what wonderful tree pictures. Can't wait to see Stella's new little doggie. I think we need a little lime water here in England as it's quite hot (for us!) at the moment. We're not used to it here! So glad that you all enjoyed Nishiki's visit. Your life sounds very full and fun at the moment.

  4. Thank you for sharing a very lovely pictures, Chase .. love to read the story and match with the pictures too - so interesting and very inviting ; the home tree is so amazing, I am not surprise people will make a 'spooky' story according the view of home tree.
    Now I know the different between regular people and the quilter when the time to take a picture around them ^wink^ -

  5. Loved your post, Chase! Always great to catch up on your exciting life!


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