Thursday, July 4, 2013

Random: Random

My favorite time of the day has moved from early 6a.m. to later 7p.m.  The day cools off in the later evenings and that's when S and I, of course Lucky the pup take our walk together.  It has been special walks together to the park near by. S takes the ownership of Lucky and makes sure he walks by her.  The street lights are mostly on each corner of the streets.  I see three clear shadows, big, medium, and small. The big shadow holds the medium shadow's hand and the medium shadow holds the small shadow's leash.  I have wish that we could hear some summer crickets along our walks, but we have not been able to since it hasn't really rain much lately. It seems like crickets out and about after the rain.

Each morning's observation on her {plants} and running time with Lucky are S' morning starting. We haven't done much crafting together, since the motivation energy is slowly move lately. The heat is taking many interests and making energy away. S' spending much of her time, reading new books and we've together start writing silly stories for fun.  It seems like a nice project during this {heat up} summer. I have been reading lots books about homeschooling and started night time store with S. I must confess while I was in school, her night time story was so short and quick. Now, we laugh together, play jokes on each other, and even play voices on the roles of story. I hope this {heat up summer} moments are one of many kind.

Today I started hand-quilting the Bridal bouquet block. It is measure 10"x10". It feels so good that my fingers are with needles and thread again. I did bring all hand-quilting supplies with me and I probably didn't share early. All my 4 luggage got opened and inspected by the airport security. I have had one full of fabric luggage, one full of books luggage, one full of tools & S' collections, and one luggage with clothes. 
Sitting in our studio room and work again felt good! The time flew by so quick... S was asking me when she can sew again.  She would like to make a little something for her little friend.  The weekending is ahead of us, since we are a day earlier { I didn't switch the blog time setting here}.

Have a great 4th...



  1. Happy 4th of July for you too,Chase - the feeling must be different if you are here now, dear. Let see, eeem.. I will eat popcorn under the firework for you *wink*
    I see someone already enjoy the sewing machine, what you will going to make?

  2. A wonderful post Chase, it's good to hear from you and to know that you are sewing once more. Chase without sewing is not right! We have a heatwave headed our way here in England, but I don't think it will be anywhere near as hot as where you are. But we're delicate here, we wilt at much lower temperatures! I know what you mean about a lack of energy though, I can't do anything when it's too hot. Hope you have a lovely weekend, with a little sewing, Claire xx

  3. Hi Chase! It is so nice to read about your adventures with S. and Lucky. Did you know I homeschool my 10 year old son, too? One of our favorite activities is reading books together and making silly voices to go along with the characters as well. Have a wonderful weekend. xo, Gayle


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