Sunday, July 7, 2013


Over the weekending, S got a bad stomach pain.  She was resting most of the Saturday after her swimming lesson. Her body system is still trying her best to learn the new food that came home from Grandma's shopping basket. I have really enjoy granny and S' conversation on the kitchen table. Granny would talk about dinner dishes at 7a.m. and S would think what to have in the morning!

The houses here is very closed to each other. There's no backyard or front yard. Our back balcony is closed to the back neighbor's. A really simple curtain was in need to keep some private indoor activities and also create a shade from the door. The simple curtain reminded me the muslin curtain I made for our northwester drive home in N.D. It started looking more like home to me and S.

S' garden is growing out of control. We bough another larger pot over the weekending and will be working on replanting this week. The herb garden is doing so well. We have mint, rosemary, oregano, basil and we also grow radish in the pot, but hasn't seen any growth from the radish. Maybe, we need a deeper container to do that?

The sewing mind is back! We have had some nicer weather, but still hard to stand or do anything during the mid-days. I have been waking up earlier and working on cutting. During the late night would be more cutting and ironing the fabric. It seems like each project has taken longer time to work on, but I am thankful the sewing mind is back. 

Thank you for the sweet comment on {Azuma-Bukuro}. I plan on writing a tutorial on this bag. You can find many tutorial on line by typing Azuma-bukuro. I have modify the pattern a little on my own when I made it. It is a great bag and you can make it big or small. S has requests one, but with some specific fabric requests. 

The weekending at {1/4"mark home}was resting and lots fresh fruits were being devoured!



  1. oh poor Stella hope she will getting better soon ; my daughter always get the same problem when we visit family overseas too - I always prepare Pepto on my bag since than. And clean purified water is must for little one.
    Gland your mojo is back, Chase.. can't wait to see what you gonna do with a lot of lovely fabrics you have soon

    1. She is much better now. After one long afternoon's resting she is running again. I know, I didn't bring any med. on this trip. It seems like we were moved in a rush and many things didn't go well at the last few weeks. We at least got some med in Japan's pharmacy and it worked well. Hope your 4th was great... xc

  2. Chase, it's wonderful to see you and Stella getting settled and feeling more at home in your new place. Your fabric pull looks fabulous, looking forward to seeing more of what you make. Hope Stella feels better soon.

  3. I wonder how you managed to choose from among your large fabric stash which lovelies to bring with you? I would be hard-pressed to attempt to figure out which pieces to bring and which ones to leave behind. How did you know what colors you would want to work with and which projects you would be working on? I love the pictures of your fabrics arrayed with such care.
    I hope little Stella will feel better soon! Would you let her know that all of us out here in blogland are wishing her well?

    1. Hi Tricia, It was hard! I have to tell you that I have had hardiest time to pick and choose the stash to move with me. First, I knew I won't be able to make quilts, so I didn't bring any quilt fabric: larger print fabrics. I knew that I want to work mostly paper piecing, English Paper piecing, and I bought Camolet quilt pattern from Liz. This pattern is hand-stitch quilt top. I basically chose fabric for Camelot quilt. I go with dark and light value fabric then some medium tones. I have had an idea for the Camelot quilt,so I bought most retro color/ prints fabric in dark values then for the low value fabric, I brought a lot of text prints. Most of the prints are small prints. Now sure if this help answer. I do hope to have more fabric in hand, but so far it is working fine. I hope to visit local fabric shops soon. I haven't have chance to go out to the city. Maybe in a few weeks... xc Thanks for well wishing.. S is doing better!

  4. Chase, I read your answers and I see, that Stella feels better :) Your little garden is great!! Super result. I believe, that Stella is satisfied with her gardening. And of course - your hand stitching is very nice as always! :)
    Have a good time!! Jola

  5. this is a very sweet and comforting post! I'm glad that you are settling in. I'm waiting to see what you do with your DS fabrics from Joann's as I have some too.


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