Friday, July 5, 2013

Azuma-Bukuro aka Japanese Wrap Bag

I have been slowly pick up some sewing and really have enjoy simple sewing for few hours or less in a day. This morning, I spent some time made azuma-bukuro. The fabric was purchased when we visited Japan in May and the weight of the fabric is a bit heavier cotton weight than the other. I planned to make a new top for myself, but I have to admit that making garments during the summer time is challenging without cool moment to think the instruction. 

When we were in Japan, I stumble many ladies in Japan uses Azuma-Bukuro as shopping bags, gift bags, and carry their simple personal items. I have love the simple style and one cloth sewing for it's design. I knew that I had to make some for us. We make many small trips in the locals a lot. Sometimes, just for eggs, just for milk, or just some fresh banana. There are many small family own stores near by my parent's house that sell simple grocery items. I have enjoy riding the bike to the store, but need a bag to go along with. 

This is a smaller version of azuma-bukuro which is perfect for quick trip out to the store or in town. It fits in bike basket nicely. I'd love to make a larger version and give it s a little twist in the fabric selection. It is nice that my sister is modeling for me, since S is busy on her side of space.

S and I have gone to a very nice book store together and we discovered nice selection of books that we could spend hours in the store. I have been reading some crafty books and S have found books that she loved and we didn't get to bring with. It is a win-win!! We ended bookstore trip with fresh watermelon juice in the local juice store.

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  1. Cute bag! It looks like the perfect size for small errands.

  2. what a cute bag! you can use this for gift bag too no more wrapping paper.. and the fabric is so pretty, almost like vintage design.

  3. This is such a simple and lovely bag, I need to make one for me.

  4. this is really beautiful, chase. i love the vintage-y feel of the fabric. and i can strongly relate to not feeling up to following complex intruction during the heat. for me, garment pattern intructions seem like a foreign language to begin with. let alone in heat and humidity!

  5. I love this simple bag! I found a tutorial online and will make some this weekend. Thanks for the idea!

    1. Hi i like to make this bag. Pls send me the lik to get this tutorial pls. Thanks, Harini. My email is

  6. Very good choice of fabric for this kind of bag! So nice result - very practical, very stylish... nice result :)

    Have a nice weekend! Jola

  7. such a sweet lovely bag! I am looking forward to seeing your bridal block. My paper peices arrived but I haven't started working on them yet.

  8. I have been planning to make one of these too! what great fabric too


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