Sunday, March 3, 2019


After my last trip, I am ready to settle in a little bit longer and catching up "things". I guess just a lot of sewing and promises that I made, but never be able to fulfill. and no more time changes and jet lag . So here I go...

Between now and then...

My S graduated from middle school and is a busy freshman in high school now. She is busy because she said so! Moving to N.Y. was a big culture shock for her and much more. It was a handful 3 years and she is coming her way around this place and everything nicely! She is almost as tall as I am and talks real fast if she wants to and just like every typical teens these days!  She continues out seeking her own path as we talk over the table and there is no need rush for any firm plan, and just take one step a day.

It would be so ideal that time can pause or slow down a little. I am not so ready for my girl to take her big step in a few years. It will be oddly without the chatterbox around for sure. S and I have took a trip back to Iowa last summer. It was a much needed trip that we both so look forward to. We drove around the city and to small towns; went to our favorite bakery. We met our friends for coffee and soaking up as much as possible. Yes, to the sweet corns and pork chop and the homemade meals that we were spoiled to. Nothing like blue sky, corn fileds, donut holes and friendship all at once!

As I prepared for my last oversea trip, there were a lot in my mind that felt brain jam! I don't even know if brain jam makes sense to you! It was alike a pile of list to check off, but have no idea where to start. And yes! I was able to pull everything together the very last minutes. I was baking in the morning before the flight took off at 10p.m.  Nothing like some special handmade gifts! All the gifts were much loved and well received!  I was able to double up the cookie recipe and put them in the jars for S. I told her, before these cookies are gone, I should be able to come home to fill them up again.

Home sweet home! I have finally really throughly understand what it real means!  It was nearly midnight, but when I exit out the airport lobby gate, I saw my girl waving hard at me and that is my home! When I got back to the apartment and saw the cookie jars had few cookies left  and I started the Christmas baking right away. mom, you are  the best! 

That took a good 6 weeks for turning around the jet lag this time. Partly being sick in the cold winter days and partly I was just exhausted. Home is the same; laundry, making meals, tidy up space, dress in cozy flannel pjs for days, a bit hand sewing and listening to my chatter box at 3:25p.m. when the door knob turns. Hey, mom did you know..... (and tea is ready,snacks on the table and I get to visit with the teen before she calls it off).  And all quiet again till the dinner time, I've pick up a few knitting stitches here and there...

Thank you for all the heart warming welcome come back messages! I can't believe that you all are staying around and checking in. It is amazing how this space have reach out so many of you and have been so supportive in this journey.

With all that... I am really miss the little space of mine here!



  1. welcome back!!! Happy that you still remember this space, and I am a forever fans of you. I can't believe Stela is in a High School now, I still remember the day that I read all your story about making quilt for her birthday, I guess you will keep continue until she is in college :)

  2. Well come back from me also Chase! When I saw the little bags you made I remembered that I had once started making one myself but after I finished the paper piecing I put it away in a drawer until I find the right time to try to assemble it and I forgot all about it. It seemed to me very complicated and bag making is not something I usually make. After seeing yours and how beautiful they turned out, I am thinking to give it a try and finish it. It is never too late!

  3. Yes, welcome back from me too, Chase. Was wondering how your little world with Stella was doing. I so enjoy when family comes home on weekends, and fills up that 'too quiet' spot inside me :)! Enjoy being home - love seeing all your baked goods again too.

  4. I can't believe that you are blogging again! I actually did a double-take when I saw a new post and had to check if I had the right site! So glad you and your daughter are doing well. Excited to see what you are up to!


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