Friday, March 29, 2019

Smitten all things

I dropped two thank you letters in the post office's mailbox this morning. It was a short and fresh walk for me. Did you know the flower buds in neighbors' yard are coming up? The blooming season is here because S' allergy has started; that poor kid! She has been remembering her allergy spray before she heads out in the morning. After dropped the mail, unlike walking back home. I walked to the coffee shop that's just right around the corner and ordered a cup of coffee for myself, what a treat!  Then I waited for the pedestrian signal turns green then crossed the street; sipping the coffee in my hand (all at the same time) and watched the traffic that fast pass on the other side.

It is rarely that people say hello on the streets around here. Everyone seems take their steps as quick as they can; catch the bus, catch the last two seconds of traffic light to pass the street; walking with full hands of grocery bags. As I was sipping through the coffee and passing by a gas station that is renovating now; a gentleman looked at me in eyes and said to me, good morning, just one coffee? I said yeah, just one this time! next time I will bring two! He said, have a great day! I replied take care now! Then another gentleman walked toward me and I said Good morning and he replied, a good day to you! When I got home I realized that I was smiling all the way home! Gosh that does make me feel good for the simple courtesy in life.

So, I decided to make a cross body bag this week for myself, it has been awhile! I have been thinking a smaller version of cross body bag that I can put the planner, the wallet, and a small coin pouch when I am on a quick grocery and errand runs. I knew the bag needs to be simple, so I can access it easily and it needs to be light enough to carry, sometimes carrying bags of grocery home can be a heavy duty job for me these days. I added on the adjustable straps this time, which is really benefits; it allows me to carry as a cross body bag or over my shoulder as shoulder tote.  I added the the Travel Outbound Bag inside for organizing all the bits and bobs that I am taking with.  It is just perfect for what I need! I will do the test drive tomorrow and see how I like it and what needs to be improve.

After the ceiling leak, I've been looking for a floor lamp replacement and have my eye on this as a replacement, but in reality the space we have is not allow to set a tripod style floor lamp. So it has been add on to "save for later" cart for now. As much as I know that I'll never buy it, but it is just nice to have it "save" in the cart and think of someday that we might be able to have it around. I'll be heading out tomorrow to the hardware store to pick one that's similar to what we had before and it would be nice that I can turn few more pages before bedtime again.

One of most exciting news for the week is the quarter inch mark wooden labels have arrived (hundred cheers)! It has been years that I have trouble to decide on labeling the patchwork pouches that I created. I have listed out many ideas for the labels, but just haven't found the one.  I am so pleased with these maple wooden tags that engraved with the name and they smell so wood- good! I am in process adding them on to the penny square pouches and others as well.  The wooden tags correspond so well with the patchwork piece and it just adds special touch to it.

I am also smitten by the hundreds of penny squares and in the process of turning them into mini patchwork pieces. Lots seam open pressing time ahead of me, but will be labor of love work to be happening here! In between time, I have pick up S' 13th birthday quilt making. It has been sitting around for last two years. I am actually behind all the birthday quilt making since last birthday quilt.  I have had hard time to push through this quilt for some reason and now I am ready to push through the process and hope to have it ready before the sweet sixteen arrives.

The weather forecast is showing more cloudy days ahead of us next few days and possible rain, too. Julie texted me this morning that the lake we used to go swimming in Iowa is thawing this week. I don't look forward to the summer since the apartment gets up to 90 degree inside and it gets real humid in the city, but hey more ice cream! I can't say no, right!



  1. Reading your story on weekend morning, relaxing my day already .. so opposite with my last weekend morning when I cried that early after received texted messaging from one of lady friend that attacked my character … :( Sometime I feel like I don't want see anyone or interact with others but life about moving forward, one day we just like enough to meet a nice stranger and bring smile on our face.

    Stella will treasure all the quilts you made years after years, how lucky she is.

    Yes, we have so much rain coming and the Missisippi river already up high; I traveled to Alton for a picture day a couple days ago, people already has sand bags around their basement .. finger crossed the sun will come and bring the water level down.

    Enjoy your weekend dear..

  2. Your patchwork and labels are beautiful. And I think you will be very happy with the tote.

  3. Lovely post. Thanks for a day in your life. And two thumbs up on those labels!


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