Monday, February 25, 2019

Return Journey

It has been a long journey to return! and the first sentence is the hardest to type out. I know it has been over a year and longer, but...


There was never a time in this past year that I could have sit down and get few hours to myself to write. Life has taken me into different directions and I have tried to find my way slowly back to where I feel comfort and content.

The year went quick yet slow in someway. I've travelled oversea a few times and long stay for each visit. I was exhausted each time after I came back to my little space and trying to decompress all in a short time. I looked at the studio space and wish that I could sit and sew for a day or maybe a few hours, but the time was so limited. I unpacked the luggages and put away winter clothes then I packed again for the summer clothes then packed for winter gears again.  It was a year that I grew few string of gray hair, learn to put on a wiser hat, put myself beneath the ground, so I can really absorb all the positive energy and look at myself closely.

{Lucky, the pup}
Grieving added on to the long calendar year. We loss our dearest Lucky boy. It was hard and shocking! He was a family to us and carried such sweet characters in him. Eight years ago, S took him home and we didn't think that this tiny chihuahua mixed breed pup would stole all our hearts. Lucky loved to get on the scooter ride with us. He got his own little spot in front of the foot stand where his four little legs could hold on on his ride. He always tipped his head out the scooter board and get that wind blow over his head.   When he saw the other pups, he barked like no one would, we think he was just trying to say Hello!

There still no words really to explain the feeling of pain and the grieve that we have contained in, especially for my sister, it still is an uneasy process for her to walk through. It will need some time to heal and we hope to make that memories into a good healing medicines. We love our Lucky boy!

I took the the lovely cushion I made for my sister to cuddle on my recent trip oversea. I knew it was a small gesture that I can do for my sister on her grieving journey. It means a lot for her and me, too! I knew Lucky would have lay on top of this cushion if he is there. Much love, my sis!

{Patchwork Updates}
I didn't have a productive patchwork year. I needed the time to embrace what was going on in life, work and all! I have gotten myself into a lot in my own plate and felt really stretch out and yes, I did burn down at some point. Then, I had to pull myself out and go on a slower process and taking solid movement and moving thoughtful decisions when I can. It was a much need time after all.

There are patchwork pieces that I made before taking the time off and really would love to showcase them soon. Lots tiny patchwork and hand quilting added on! I am feeling energized about the new year that just arrived and have layout a few things to finish.  I would love you to stay turn for the updates!

{More writing}
It would be my goal that I do more writing now! Words are important and it might have connect to some of you in someway! So let me keep on writing... It might require some time to get myself on the routine, but I am working on it.

Thank you for all the supportive words that you have sent to my inbox! It might be nothing to you, but it does mean a lot to me and thank you for thinking of me and my family!



  1. So glad you are back with your blog. I look forward to seeing your work. Welcome back.

  2. How nice to hear from you again! I'm sorry about your Lucky pup. Wishing you a sweet and restorative spring and some time for you to enjoy sewing. Blessings!

  3. So glad to see you back! Look forward to reading more. I'm so sorry for your loss.

  4. I’m fairly new to reading and following these quilting blogs, so I have not read you before, but just know , I know exactly what you are feeling , because I lost my Jessie, a 14 year old West Highland Terrier. A joy to me, but I used the creative process of quilting to make me see the best parts of our 14 years together instead of thinking about my loss, I began to think about the gift she gave me. Glad you have returned to journey with us again!

  5. I missed your blogging and story telling. So happy you are back, but also sorry for your loss, and the difficult year you have had to endure. Hope you get more time to sew again Chase - and show some of your delicious baking again :)!

  6. Welcome back! I'm happy to read from you. sometimes live 1.0 is all your time and energy. That's OK and much more important than anything else. I'm sad to Gear about your loss. It's always Hard to loose a part of the family. I grew up with cats and know this situation.
    Xoxo, Rike

  7. Some times i came there to read about you during this last year...And yes you are writing again.Thank you.
    I've missed you; I wish you a good welcome back.
    I love so much your style of patchwork.

  8. Welcome back!! I was so excited to see an email with your name on it this morning. So sorry for your loss and your year of trial. Sometimes, hopefully when we are put thru such events in life we will come out with a better picture and understanding of ourselves and life. Your pillow is so beautiful, your hand stitching is perfection and the sweet little paw on the back is heartwarming. I'm sure this pillow will be cherished. I have certainly missed your beautiful posts and hope that there will be more soon.

  9. Some things will always hurt and healing takes time. I hold you and your sister in my heart. It was absolutely joy to see that you had written on your blog. You have been missed, Chase. I hope that another little dog comes into your life for you and your daughter - Excellent medicine.

  10. Dearest Chase, you have been missed but we are being selfish. You have been on quite the journey (something we all have to endeavour from time to time in our own ways). You can now share yourself with us again, if you wish. Wishing you a good day, one at a time.
    And yes, most assuredly, welcome back (-:
    PS. Hope your lovely daughter is keeping you good company and love.

  11. Hugs and prayers on your life journey. Have always enjoyed reading what you have to say and admiring your beautiful hand quilting.

  12. Nice to see you again! I was delighted with this story popped up on my feed.Stay well!xx

  13. Missed you and S. So sorry to hear about Lucky boy!


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