Saturday, March 23, 2019

be hold

It took me awhile (over a year) to finish this floral appliqué piece. It has been hanging round with the patchwork piles all this time. This week was the week that I knew that I could put it all together! The timing was just right for it and it feels so accomplished after it is finished!  Sometimes, it is hard for me to go back to the older projects, I am guessing the motivation is slightly off and the compassion of the project is fade out a bit. I've always love hand works; stitch, hand quilting, embroidery.  It still speaks so true to my heart these days. I love spending hours in a patchwork piece, big and small. Something delicate, something detail, and something special as always!

I have been working on a new logo and banner for the blog. The new idea is simplify the logo and bring less colors with it. It will take another few weeks to upload the drawings into the computer and work on the designs.  I very much enjoy this part of the design work, where I can put my ideas in one place and play with colors and layouts.  So don't be surprise next time when you pop in to visit.  You should land in the right home, but just change of the door colors. :)

Did you know that blogger is no longer sending me your comments via email? I have just realized that last week. So, I basically miss out the many of your comments. This week, I have became a mad lady and try to refresh my own blog page on the phone screen when I am on it, just to check if you left me a message.  Thank you for not forgetting about us! It is something that felt so incredible and sweet that you still come by and continually to support big and small moments with us. So, I have read all your comments by yesterday! Thank You!! 

This week has been a long-short-long-long week for me. As I have been preparing a career open house and made it to the first round of interview and there's a little glitch happened while I was waiting for the second round interview. So, I decided to walk away the possible opportunity.  I was sad and just sad! I can't tell you that actual feeling for being down, but I keep my chin up and believe for the future opportunity that awaits for me. I always thought a good night sleep would ease out the black holes, but I actually really need a down time; alone and reflect, I though I could just laugh out and be alright the next day, but it was not as easy as I hope this time. And yes! I am all better now! I ate ice cream! A big bowl of chocolate and raspberry flavor and they tasted weird together, but all that sugar just maybe what I needed (laugh)! I am in hope to drive myself the meaning and purpose from what I do everyday. Concisely knowing myself and how could I be better. It is not easy, but it gets easy as I see it and admit it!

Now, I will be looking again and the waiting time is going to be the most challenging phrase. I am secretly happy that I'll be here, but also wondering when is the next opportunity. Maybe the time will tell.  In the meantime, I'll be crafting and keep on writing and will you be here? I hope so!



  1. Of course we will be here Chase. It is always a pleasure to see you on my screen. Life does keep throwing up challenges, doesn't it? Big Hugs to you and your daughter. Spring is coming.

  2. I will be here, too, Chase. I love seeing what you are working on. You do such beautiful hand work. Keep your chin up!

  3. :) In life plans can change every second, and I want you to know that I'm just a phone away when you need someone to talk even just something silly but.. hey, everyone need to loose the canon sometime … love you, and enjoy your spring and big hug for ms.Stella .. aaah she must be a grown up lady now..

  4. Have loved your blog posts ever since I found you a few years ago! Rarely post a comment as I think you are so accomplished and do such beautiful work, the world must be reveling in it. Then I realized you couldn't know how much your work touches people if they don't let you know! After some serious health challenges, I've learned one big thing: each day is a great day. Most things can be eased with one of these: a beautiful walk, a long hot bath, hand work, wonderful music and a hug. And yes, ice cream is also a great salvation! Sometimes, it's a matter of being good to yourself - a difficult prospect if you are the one who usually does the giving to others. Just know you have a wide audience who enjoy your work and your prose - every stitch, every word! You are a ray of sunshine always! Happy stitching, Pippa


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