Thursday, March 7, 2019

patchwork stitches

What comes in mind for sewing after a long break? It would be the small and tiny patchwork stitches. I can't think of a better way to get my hands back to the needles and threads.  My dear friend Carol has been sending me her scraps each time when she forwards the mail to me. It always is a treat and a surprise to find little scraps pieces that she tucked inside the envelope. I found myself so tickled by  these scraps. It feels so good to turn these scraps into something cute and sweet.

A few weeks back, in an early morning, I found out that the ceiling above the studio was leaking! and the water was overall the sewing table, cutting mats, and floor. It was something that I didn't see would be coming (screaming). ! I had to called the landlord to come fix and that went a bit drama for two weeks. Thank goodness, they finally decided to take down the partial of the ceiling and patch with a clean board. Before they arrived, I jumped right in the studio, move all fabrics, sewing supplies, books, handmade gifts and boxes out to the living room. I loss a floor lamp and a floor mat from the leaking issue and a design board that I had placed on the table.

While waiting for repair ( two weeks), we stayed in the living room and that felt quiet content for some reason, We joked that we would just need a studio for the future place, since everything fits, but it was cold to stay in the living room and the noise coming from near by highway was difficult at night time to fell asleep. Soon after the ceiling paint was dry and I cleaned every corner till dust free (yay). Then I take the time to move everything back in. I had refold all the fabrics ( got to love this job) and trying to fit them back to where they were before. I have realized that there are so many fabrics that I have forgot about.  It was a real good visit with fabrics! They tell me, come sew with us more! :)  and Yes, I was totally wiped out by the end of the day!

Has it been a long winter for you and me? I don't mind the winter, but it has been feeling a gray winter for this year. I've spend the night time knitting and finished one side of the leg warmer and still need to finish the other side, but I've ran out of the yarn! I am feeling stuck, what should I do? I though of going to the yarn store and match the yarn out or take the knitting stitches apart. I still can't make the call. Maybe I should wait till the spring arrives and hop on the bus to the yarn store.

While I am writing, the sunlight from the studio window is getting dimmer. I particularly love this time of the day where I can see the apartments near by me have lights turn on. People are home from their hard working day, I am sure they are making conversations and preparing their dinners. Just what I am going for next, preparing dinner and getting the apartment light up!

The daylight saving is coming this weekend! I'll miss that extra hour sleep, but for sure, I can't wait for more daylight during the day!



  1. Just had to pop on here and say, "Glad to see this blog is back!" Your stitching is amazing as always.You are quite the inspiration.

  2. Your photos are so beautiful and made me think of beautiful days of retreat, pretty hand quilting and knitting. Sorry you had to deal with the ceiling leak, moving out of the sewing room and back. It is nice to refresh the space and revisit the fabric though and hopefully the space is better for it.


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