Sunday, October 29, 2017


Not like any rainy Sunday! This Rainy Sunday is just what I have been looking for! I'll be diving into quilting the birthday quit after here. The coffee will get rebrew for another, maybe 2 cups and warm up the strawberry cake in the oven then skip lunch since it is going to be a serious quilting day here!

I have knitted few more rows to the shawl and crossed fingers it will be cast off in another week or so! The second cake of the yarn is about to  finish and the yellow cake is getting thin as well. I can't decided when to stop the shawl as I "hope" it will be able to wrap twice of me ( that would need maybe another 2 cakes). But truly I will cast off even it won't be wrapping me twice.  

With 10 yards of extra fabrics that I received from the wrong shipment. I was able to make 10 pillowcases and have mailed them to two centers through one million pillowcases project website. It made me feel really good that these fabrics have been put in good use rather than sitting in the box. It would be something maybe you can help to make difference as well!

The week has been busy for me as I have been running around like a mad lady; on the bus then off the bus! The commuting time is longer than I like especially when the road is under construction and everyone, I mean everyone wanted to get on the same direction. This week, I had to run after the bus a few times then catch my breath then quickly swipe metro card and find a small spot to stand before all that happened the bus was already in motion. I was unbalanced and quickly find a pole that was closes to me, thank goodness I got one!  I always try to find a seating in the back of the bus and bring knitting project out and start adding stitches before I get off the bus.

I have been building some small houses this week. It is a project that I have in mind for so long and finally taking the time to work on.  These little houses turn out really darling and just perfect cups and mugs.  Lately I am so interested in small projects and getting them finish as I start! This coming week, I hope I'll be getting the floral appliqué finish and frame!

Oh, time for quilting! 

more later 


  1. Those houses are really cute. Glad you managed to stay steady on the bus.

  2. Everything looks beautiful! Thanks for another weekending post. These are my favorites on the blog-sphere! It's like having a hot cup of tea and chatting with someone dear! Thanks!!

  3. Love your houses! Have a good week❤️

  4. Those little houses are adorable. I've just started reading your blog and enjoy it so much. Thanks for sharing!

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