Sunday, October 22, 2017


It seems most of the Saturdays, I wake up like everyday of the week; 6a.m.  I had used to sleep in, so  the day would started few hours later. I don't remember since when, that every Saturday, I would get up early and go have a very Cantonese style breakfast. It is a little car ride about 20 minutes to Flushing.  I love the car ride in the early morning because the city still asleep in some sense, but buses are running, subway is coming in the station and going out. Streets are already filled with people who might needed to be early for work or get themselves out just like me?

The Cantonese style restaurant is already busy! The window display have hung numbers of pork, roasted duck, and chicken. The steam from the hot stove top that you can see from the window is coming up and leaves the window vaguely to be seen, but the cooks are so busy, chopping the meat, getting the bowls of soup ready and adding more water to let the soup pot going for the rest of the day!

My favorite Cantonese style breakfast is a bowl of congee, a fried bread stick, and shrimp rice roll. Each time, I'd ordered the same dishes! While waiting the breakfast to come, they always send a pot of hot tea to start. I always like to watch people in the shop. The busy people that come in for a quick bite, carry out or people who take their time to enjoy a decent breakfast from a busy week, to slow them down a little. I like the way how early morning is less rush and the second pot of tea is just perfect to end the "course" meal! Sure, I just love that!  Some of the time, sharing table is very common here! A table of 10 might have 5 group of guesses, it wasn't a familiarly dinning experience for me, but then I found I really enjoy this " community table" that I had shared with strangers. Maybe they have had some thoughts just like me?

After the breakfast, I always walk  2 avenues down to a Cantonese style bakery where they sells so many delicious breakfast bread. That's where I pick up S' breakfast and egg custards for afternoon tea time. Um...   That is my Saturday routines!

Oh! I don't just coming here to share my Saturday routines with you! Finally I have the workroom organized! It is a better space to work around and better organizing of stash! I have found a bucket full of County Fair fabrics that have been store away! These fabrics are 10 years old now (wow). So finally, I made a 17"x17" tote for my weekly commute! It is just a perfect size for the bus rides. Then I used the remanning scraps made a 12"x12" zippered pouch for all the new knitting tools that I have in current.   It always feels great have new bags carry around! I've been using the new tote in the entire week and loving the roomy space of it, best of that my yarn project bags can be fit in together.

The second honey cowl casted off just yesterday! I haven't had time to do much knitting as my wrist started bothering me again. I had to let it rest for a few days, then yesterday I was able to work on it! The moss green is so pretty! I never though I like much of the greens, but then I discovered there are some pretty greens out there if I carefully search for it! Especially green yarns knit up beautifully!

So, the birthday quilt! You will not believed the second delivery was failed again, They had sent the same fabric that they sent on the first one. I actually had a good laugh that day before calling the customer service. I though the name of the print they sent me must be so closed to the one I ordered! So, here another 5 yards of fabrics (aaahh)!  That in total of 10 yards of fabrics! I have been thinking hard what to do with them and have decided to make them into pillow cases and donate them to hospitals. I really have felt not deserve getting all these "extras". So turning them into something useful might be fun! I'd be sewing all the pillow cases later this afternoon with windows open and the lovely Fall weather accompanied me (best)!

The third delivery (woo-hoo), yes! yes! It was the correct fabric! I did all the piecing backing and basting that same day! It is so nice that a new quilt for me! It is funny how I say because I haven't made a quilt for myself for awhile! I do love the opportunity for making myself something these days!  It feels like getting gifts daily from my table!

On the sewing tables these days are full with fabric pulls for custom orders, patchwork pieces to hand quilt,  planner to fill with other activities, time to sit down and plan the upcoming weeks and more yarns need to be order as I have officially knit up most of my yarn from the first order! It feels great and productive! I've already started my holiday making this year early! Finally first time that I feel I am prepared, and you?

Before the real cold weather arrives, I hope this is a long Fall season because it is just beautiful and lay back for some reason!

Meanwhile, I am destashing many fabrics via the @quarterinchmark_detash account in Instagram. I am letting go lots fabrics that I don't think I'll pick up in using and hope to light up space a little. If you are interested, come have a look!

Thank you for all the best birthday wishes! So smitten by all the message from cross over the world, friends and families! (hugs)

more later!


  1. your fabrics neatly folded , Chase .. and the collections always beautiful. is so you
    I happy to read your Saturday routine, how cool is that meet people that has same taste and the atmosphere there, feel like home.. :) I love congee also but my kid not use to eat congee , she still not have taste of that yumminess LOL But at least she loves other Asian foods

  2. I have to confess that I didn't read your post, but I did get stuck on that first photo. Your fabric stash is wonderful. I see many hours, weeks and months of never having to go to town for fabric . . . just cozy up and sew all winter :)
    You are so organized and it looks fab!
    Connie :)

  3. I really enjoy reading your Saturday morning routine. You wrote so well. And of course the fabrics are pretty. The pillow cover donation is really great idea!


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